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Russia Won't Go Away


Did Klokov ever post on T-Nation? I know he did a bunch of seminars with Charles Poliquin…


Not to my knowledge. But I haven’t been around as long as other folk, so take it with a grain of salt.


Obama cyber chief confirms ‘stand down’ order against Russian cyberattacks in summer 2016




Trying to come up with a legitimate reason for this action to be taken.


Because Obama and the Dems got cocky and thought HRC would win despite the interference from America’s most powerful enemy.

Obviously hindsight is 2020 and all, but goddamn is that stupid


Not to worry…

Trump will tweet a reason…


The first tinfoil hat theory I had was Obama didn’t want HRC to win. Thus allow the sabotage. Hence the X-Files theme.

#Illuminatti/Lizard People


A talk show on Russian State TV is currently half-seriously discussing whether to ask Trump for Alaska on the July Trump-Putin summit, citing the concessions Trump made during the Singapore summit.


We keep the oil. You keep Palin.



Im glad somebody here sees whats going on… Its 4D chess… Of course its lizard folk


I suppose this is the best thread for this:

So they are charging a slough of people, but how will they really ever nail them? I wonder also if Mueller will suddenly disappear and be found during some future missing child sweep to be on the bottom of the Potomac in cement over shoes.


I know Obama’s trip was referred to as the “Apology Tour”. What should we call this? “Authoritarian Admiration Outing”? “Treason Tour”? It needs to be snappy…



Do you mind also posting what you just posted on the “Where Do I Fit”? Thread?



Trump is fucked. Anyone still making excuses for this treasonous bastard are gullible fools.


Republicans then- Obama has been too soft on Russia. Why won’t he call them out?
Democrats then- What good does it do to berate your enemy?

Democrats now- Trump has been too soft on Russia. Why won’t he call them out? Treason!!!
Republicans now- What good does it do to berate your enemy?

Ahh, aren’t politics the best?


There are some Republicans today right there with the Democrats. Graham and Ryan don’t sound at all satisfied. Then you have one part of Fox (the Cavutos) lining up on the opposite side of the Hannitys.

It seems pretty darn certain at this point that Russia meddled in the election. Effective or not, it really seems as if a foreign power tried to influence a US presidential election. And despite all the evidence, the indictments, folks on both sides of the aisle voicing their outrage of it, Trump can’t get over how strong that Putin fella is.

I don’t know man, maybe they were too lax back then. But, now, with what has happened, it’s pretty unforgivable.


Pffft, whateves! Putin is strong, POWs are losers, and our intelligence community is hot garbage.


And honestly, I think that sums up everything you need to know about his character. He can make fun of our POWs and then turn around and praise Putin. Where’s “American first” nationalism in that? So confused.


I’m about to be on an island, here.

They for sure have but to what extent? Small funded facebook ads and fake news posts? CNN does that daily. I won’t even get into the Seth Rich debacle.

This whole thing is a joke. If Hillary would’ve won, we wouldn’t be hearing shit about Russia. Plus, the Trump administration has been tougher on Russia (policy wise) than Big O was. Maybe not word wise but action wise, absolutely.

Thought Rand Paul hit the nail on the head. Both articles too.