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Russia Won't Go Away



Keep your mouth shut or else…

Magomedov is also co-executive chairman of Los Angeles-based tech firm Virgin Hyperloop One, which is chaired by Richard Branson. It is one of several firms developing a futuristic transport system that involves propelling people at high speed through sealed tubes.


Need to revive this thread again.

FYI: if true, this confirms a(nother) big piece of the Steele Dossier.

The dossier claimed that in Prague Cohen met with a prominent ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Konstantin Kosachev, but it is not clear whether Mueller has evidence of such a meeting.


Part of me is shocked at how many of the things I needed a tin foil hat for a year ago are coming out like this…


Speaking of…he sure was upset with a certain wet portion of it…Even Comey says he kept asking about it…ya know so as not to embarrass Melania…