Russia vs China Training

Ok guy I was looking at the different training philosophies and from the information available I know what the difference between the Russian and Bulgarian ones. But I’m now interested in the Chinese one, seeing as though they are a dominant force in weightlifting at the moment.

So here is my question what is the Chinese philosophy? and how does if differ from the Russian one?


There’s a thread over on Pendlay’s boards started by a guy who trained with a Chinese lifter for 3 years as we speak. Go check it out, he’s answering any questions we have.

is the guy name kirk by any chance?

thanks heaps mate will check it out!

could someone link cause i cant find it.

nevermid i was looking on calistrength. heres the link anyway.

From what I can gather the major differences between the Chinese and the Russians are:

  1. The Chinese have slightly higher intensity on the classic lifts. They tend to borrow more from the Bulgarians in that regard.

  2. Chinese seem to do just about every exercise known to man. From sumo stance pulls to leg extensions to bicep curls, you name it they do it. Russians do a large variety of exercises but they are more conservative than the Chinese.

  3. Chinese seem to auto regulate rather than rely too much on percentages like the Russians.

  4. Chinese go to failure on squats and other exercises sometimes with the coaches assisting them. Russians never go to failure.

Overall however the systems are very similar with more similarities rather than differences.