Russia and Chechnya

Didn’t see a lot on this as I was travelling when it happened. What is the general opinion on the school takeover in Chechnya.

It seems the Russians have gotten the message over the Radical Islamic Terrorism going on in their country and are going to take action.

Is this good for us? I think the Russians seem to take a much more pragmatic approach to terrorism and war fighting in general. Putin and his Generals are talking about pre-emptive strikes. It would not suprise me if a large part of Chechnya was vaporized by a WMD if the leadership can be targeted. just a thought.

I have said this before, your enemy defines the level of brutality in any conflicet. These bastards killed innocent kids and held others as hostage. Don’t be suprised if the Russians raise the stakes. The Russian Army still believes in reprisals for action taken against them.

Thoughts or comments?

It has been said that Russia isn’t quite Europe but isn’t Asia either. In other words, they have a different mind set and look at the world differently than your typical westerner. The last 150 years would show that the Russian government, in its various forms, has a very calloused view of human life.

With that said, when Mother Russia and her children are harmed, the government always responds swiftly and harshly. I don’t think this situation will be any different. Putin and the Russian government will throw political correctness aside and do what’s necessary. That is something our government needs to do.

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I think the recent comments made by the Russian Generals regarding pre-emptive strikes are trial balloons to guage world reaction.

I think world reaction has been indifferent or supportive so far.