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Russell Brand on MSNBC


Brilliant - he calls them out on their usual Morning Show 'journalism'/bullshit/lack of professionalism and they have no idea how to react.


Good for him. Solid call out on his part.

To bad only like 20k people watch MSNBC, otherwise someone would have noticed...


god they're stupid.


'What does that gesture mean.... the way you're touching that bottle' -Haahaaa


Ok, if Russell Brand of all people is calling you out on professionalism that should be your wake up call right there that you gotta fix some shit...i mean, it's freaking Russell Brand. Lol!


That was awesome,. made them look like the air heads they are.


Morning shows are supposed to be professional? THEY HAD RUSSELL BRAND ON THE SHOW FFS!


Never liked him much, but now I do.


I never liked him either until I saw him on The Big Fat Quiz Of The Year with Jonathan Ross, those two were so funny!


...watch his show Brand X

That'll make you not like him again


True story. Dude is obnoxious. His standup is funny but his pseudo-intellectualism is transparent and pretentious.


He's about as funny as a clown with a honking nose. "Ha Ha look at me! I'm funny!" I can't stand him and don't get why he is so popular.


He tapped Katy Perry. Enough said.