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Russel VS Gibbs (IPF Worlds 2018)


i just rewatched a older meet video of brett from earlier this year/late last year.
And he has squatted 302,5kg in a competition, So maybe he can take a run at the 300kg at ipf worlds?


I kind of hope gibbs gets it this year. Seems like he’s always just falling short of someone.


Taylor atwood finally taking first place in the 74kg’s with a huge win!
Was gonna watch russel v.s Gibbs life until i realised it would be at 1am my time. To bad


FRIDAY NIGHT BABY!!! Gibbs vs Orhiii thank you for this thread.

right now both went 275-290 on squats.

Russel needs to get some distance on Squats if he wants a chance imo.

Brett crushes on Bench and probably better on Deads.

I am kind of rooting for Gibbs because he hasnt won yet but I watch a LOT of Orhii videos and like him better…Gibbs rubs me wrong sometimes LOL.


Orhii just set Squat Record with 298.5kg grinder!!!


with 299 attempt…

GIBBS SMOKED IT left 5kg in the tank.

Toubal just Squatted 302.5kg but missed on depth.


Holy shit I gotta watch this right now!


Cant believe this hasnt been posted yet…


Current Guess: Brett will win, ill say it pretty confidently tbh

Russ: current subtotal: 483.5kg/1066lbs
Squat 1 (Good lift, 275kg/606lbs): https://youtu.be/xPv23xo4Nkk?t=14m1s
Squat 2 (Good lift, 290kg/639lbs): https://youtu.be/xPv23xo4Nkk?t=25m16s
Squat 3 WR (Good lift, 298.5kg/658lbs): https://youtu.be/xPv23xo4Nkk?t=35m52s
Bench 1(Good lift, 177.5kg/385lbs): https://youtu.be/xPv23xo4Nkk?t=1h8m22s
Bench 2 (Good lift, 185kg/408): https://youtu.be/xPv23xo4Nkk?t=1h18m29s
Bench 3 (190kg/419lbs): stream glitched, no clip

Brett: current subtotal: 508kg/1120
Squat 1 (Good lift, 275kg/606lbs): https://youtu.be/xPv23xo4Nkk?t=15m4s
Squat 2 (Good lift, 290kg/639lbs): https://youtu.be/xPv23xo4Nkk?t=26m15s
Squat 3 WR (Good lift, 299kg/659lbs): https://youtu.be/xPv23xo4Nkk?t=37m13s
Bench 1 (Good lift 200kg/441): https://youtu.be/xPv23xo4Nkk?t=1h9m16s
Bench 2 WR (Good lift 209kg/461lbs): https://youtu.be/xPv23xo4Nkk?t=1h19m45s
Bench 3 (good lift, 214kg/472): stream glitched, no clip

Ill be honest, I got kinda bored updating this lol because nobody was watching it. If anyone wants clips, ask, and ill get them


Live results…and free programs LOL didnt feel like making a new sheet

If anybody has anybody else that wants to be tracked let me know

I am going to do what Ican to track the top 5ish

and I know most trackers do it horizontally but that is so not space efficient as we see here :smiley:

Does anybody have a competitors list?


The commentators have been talking about Toubal Fatah from Algeria making a 20kg change in his bench opener. maybe track him too. I’ll get his timestamps and weights in a few mins



ANd added.

Also Gibbs just opened Bench with 200kg…hit it…GAME OVER!!! As long as he doesnt do something stupid on Deads


going for the bench record on his second, 9kg jump


LOL these announcers can not understand Toubal.

IMO the 302.5kg squat made perfect sense, he picked the weight he thought he could make and I think he made a great choice just missed a bit on depth but it was fast AF.

EDIT: OK I am really routing for Toubal ad these announcers are driving me nuts.

As someone who trains in a country with far less than optimal gyms that doesnt speak english that is a huge disadvantage. Gym equipment matters and most of the information is in english. And lastly not every body is going to do things the same way, give the dude some respect and props.

He came out of NO WHERE and is hanging with the leaders.



Toubal Fatah from Algeria
Squat 1 (Good lift, 275kg/606lbs: Don’t have it yet
Squat 2 (Good lift, 287.5kg/634lbs): https://youtu.be/xPv23xo4Nkk?t=24m12s
Squat 3 WR ATTEMPT (Missed 302.5kg/667lbs): https://youtu.be/xPv23xo4Nkk?t=39m2s
Bench 1 (Good lift, 170kg/375): https://youtu.be/xPv23xo4Nkk?t=1h6m34s
Bench 2 (Good lift, 177.5kg/391): https://youtu.be/xPv23xo4Nkk?t=1h17m1s


Maybe Owen Hubbard too, going for the bench wr


Hubbard has WR bench with 209.5 and Gibbs had it with 209.

Gibbs 214 for his 3rd.

my internet is taking such a shit this is unwatchable.


All world record attempts:
Russel Squat (Good lift, 298.5kg/658lbs): https://youtu.be/xPv23xo4Nkk?t=35m52s
Brett Squat (Good lift, 299kg/659lbs): https://youtu.be/xPv23xo4Nkk?t=37m13s
Toubal Fatah Squat (Missed 302.5kg/667lbs): https://youtu.be/xPv23xo4Nkk?t=39m2s
Brett Gibbs second bench (Good lift 209kg/461lbs): https://youtu.be/xPv23xo4Nkk?t=1h19m45s
Owen Hubbard second bench (Good lift 209.5kg/462lbs): https://youtu.be/xPv23xo4Nkk?t=1h20m42s
Brett Gibbs Bench (third attempt) stream glitched, no vid
Owen Hubbard Bench (third attempt, good lift, 214.5kg/472lbs): https://youtu.be/xPv23xo4Nkk?t=1h27m52s


OK so it seems IPF feed cut out because it went from like the lifter before Toubal to Hubbard.

It sounds like everybody hit their 3rd attempts but to be safe I have them marked in pink until I an confirm.



Gibbs has pretty much locked up 1st and has the WR total and could be the heaviest to toal 10x BW in IPF.

Ohii in 3rd just behind Toubal who the announcers still cant fathom might be strong and deserve to be there.

EDIT: my tracker is off…Orhii has 2nd


What a showdown. It’s a shame Russ missed the 300kg deadlift