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Russel Orhii 300kg Squat

Serious contender for the 83’s. His squat is at the same (probably better ) then gibbs, so is his deadlift. Brett has him on bench tho.

What do you all think? Is russel gonna stir shit up in the 83’s next worlds?
or is he gonna get busted for use ?

I follow him on the youtubes and watched the meet this morning. His squats at the meet looked faster than training. Like he left a lot in the tank. Dude is a crazy athlete.

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Anyone know his total?

300kg squat, 180kg bench, 312,5kg deadlift, 792,5 kg total.


Dude’s near maxed out on muscle from bodybuilding, genetics and … (drugs?) pretty much did a lifetime Hypertrophy/accumulation block.

He is just potentiating all that now.

Brett Gibbs has him on bench by a good 30kg. Russ has got the beating of Gibbs on the squat by at least 20kg. About even on didlift

Gibbs messes up his meet every now and then and if he does Russ can probably take him. If he has a good meet and puts up 830 or something close to his training total it’ll be a while until Russ beats him.

Where’s Haack in this discussion tho

If brett benches like he benches in training he can put up 225kg with bench in the future. ( i think)

I wanna see gibbs have the “Super meet” he mentioned a couple times, if he does every lift to his fullest he own’s the 83’s as far as i know (can see.)

Banned from the IPF, (and as far as iknow he doesnt wanna compete in the IPF anymore

It’s a matter time tho IMO. Russ is still on the up is already in contention. Maybe in a year or two. Unless he gets done for juice lel

Natty or not? I want believe that Russ is that kind 1% of 1% genetics because he seems like such a genuine dude. With everything considered tho…lifetime natty Im bit doubtful. Then again I give nobody the benefit of the doubt.

What happened, did he test positive? Or is it for competing in USPA?

Brett Gibbs made a video saying he is going to do a non-IPF meet, with knee wraps and 24 hour weigh in. I haven’t watched it, but here it is:

What the hell did they give him red light for?

USPA, I think he now lost intrest.

Its just a gym meet, won’t get him banned. Its a funny video tho, watch it!

USPA is better for the cash prizes alone, I also don’t hear multiple stories of them behaving like assholes. Anyone like Haack who has a chance of winning would be stupid no to go USPA, and the same for anyone trying to beat drug tests in the IPF/affiliates when there is a better fed right there that allows you to compete untested.

His recap etc

Just the lifts…

I think he is in the 1% of the genetics but IMO is clearly using.

His FFMI at best is above 25. He is 5’ 6" lets pretend he didnt water cut he would have to be 16% BF to be below FFMI of 25.

Either way he is going to do amazing things in Powerlifting.


Time to juice up propah and go after some untested WRs

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LOL I think he is…

186lbs down from 192 pre comp

6,923 Likes, 64 Comments - Russel Orhii (@russwole) on Instagram: ““A jack of all trades but a master of none.” I don’t strive for balance. I strive to master my…”

Post Comp…

9,980 Likes, 84 Comments - Russel Orhii (@russwole) on Instagram: “I’m back home in Houston! My experience in Orlando at Raw Nationals was dope but it’s time to set…”

Dude looks amazing.

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Pump, filters and decent tan brah. Illusions

The dude weighs max 150 soaking wet

Fake weights too ala Dingleberyy