Rushed First Cycle and Wrong Advice

I’m 35 and just used steriods for the first time in my life.
Ive made alot of mistakes got confused reading about gear on the Internet so i just listened to the guy i got my stuff off and trusted his advice.
I feel like such an idoit and don’t know what to do right now ive asked in other forums but all i got was guys flaming me here goes i started in july
15/7 0.5 ml deca 0.5 ml test E
22/7 0.5 ml deca 0.5 ml test E
29/7 0.5 ml deca 0.5 ml test E
5/7 0.5 ml deca 0.5 ml test E
12/7 1 ml deca 1 ml test E
19/7 1 ml deca 1 ml test E
26/7 1 ml deca 1 ml test E
2/8 0.5 ml deca 0.5 test E
2/9 0.5 ml deca 0.5 test E
I was told to start slow then work up to 1 ml a week which is wrong and using deca first cycle is also wrong.
No pct at all.
I got my bloods done and my test was in the good range so i was a bit pissed i didn’t gain much on my first cycle so frustrated pinned again thinking its ok.
This time I’m getting serve acne on my back and i feel very tierd alot also my erections are not goid at all.
Week 1…12/10 1 ml test E
15/10 1 ml test E
Week 2…19/10 1 ml test E
22/10 1 ml test E
Week 3…26/10 1 ml test E
29/10 1 ml test E
Week 4…2/11 1 ml test E
6/11 1 ml test E
I just started using 0.25 arimidex every 3rd week 4.
My first cycle was a mistake i did no pct and only waited 4 weeks before going again,i need advice what i dhould do from here stop all together and begin a proper pct? Or finish this current cycle i planned on doing 10 weeks.
Seriously I’m confused and lost what to do everything i read is a contradiction im totally lost.

Thanks in advance

PCT and never touch this shit again.

Well walking the path that you’re on, I can see why they were flaming you. Since you’re too headstrong to do some research and you’re already onto your second cycle, it seems you’re a bit on the distressed side. First off running .5ml/week of ugl deca is only 125mg/week, that’s a good dose for achy joints.

One single shot of deca @ 100mg will totally suppress your hpta. Same with the test, 125mg/week is more of a trt dose per week, 300-500mg/week would produce a much more pronounced anabolic effects. As of now, twice a week injects help stabilize blood levels. You may be feeling lethargic from high estrogen levels, try bumping your adex to .5mg/eod.

If you must continue cycling please do not be lazy and research, the internet is full of useful information. AAS is not something that should be underestimated, these are very powerful drugs that will affect not only the body but also the mind.

“the Internet is full of useful information”

this is also true:
“the internet is full of wrong/harmful information”

The fact that you didn’t mention mg’s (only mL’s) in your entire post shows how little you know. The best advice you’re going to get is above. KSMan’s link for PCT, and don’t ever do steroids again.