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Rush Limbaugh


Great, or greatest American ever?


Slightly above average


Is that a joke? Don't jump on me, I break bread with him daily.


He labeled Sarah Palin as the most prominent and articulate voice for Conservatism.


Lol thats funny cause its true. however its not any better then all you conservative twat voting McCain who is a person showing signs of Alzheimer. Lol you guys make me laugh


My only problem with Rush, and all Reagan lovers, is that RR ran up huge debts. He had a Dem Congress that made a bargain with him; he'd get his tax cuts if they could still spend like idiots.


Among the worst.


Not hard to do when you look at his educational background.
"Limbaugh graduated from Cape Central High School, in 1969. His father and mother wanted him to attend college, so he enrolled at Southeast Missouri State University. He dropped out after two semesters and one summer; according to his mother, "he flunked everything", even a modern ballroom dancing class.[3] As she told a reporter in 1992, "He just didn't seem interested in anything except radio." "Rush is Always Right." USA Weekend, 24-January 26, 1992, p. 7


I think Rush can make some good points here and there, but is able to skew information to suit his needs. But then again, is this not the same MO as every other political figure?


It was the Democrats fault for not stopping Reagan from spending $9,000 a minute for years on the military.

He spent like an idiot- they enabled him. Get your shit straight shitkicker.


Yes. that's the problem. There is no thoughtful discussion, because the people would tune out. Instead we get mostly dogma, some more colorful than others.

Instead of Burke, Locke, Smith, Madison, Jefferson, Von Mises, Goldwater, we have Rush, Levin, Hannity, Beck, etc. I'll take the former.

I am starting to believe there are very few Conservatives still alive that truly understand Classical Liberalism or the original Conservatism. Ron Paul is actually closer to true conservatism than any of the pundits, or even those that consider themselves Libertarians.

Instead of Conservatism, we get :

Neo Conservatism - Largest group
Fiscal Conservatism
Compassionate Conservatism
Religious Conservatism

All complete bastardizations.


Is that when he's on drugs or off. The man speaks with a forked tongue.


I agree.

I don't know how Rush became the questionable spokesperson for the Republican Party, this just shows how much disarray the party is in. It doesn't know it's own identity, let alone in a position to make a push for power.


I think he's a cunt.


I'm not arguing a point...yet, but who here actually listens to any of those guys on a regular basis?



For years I worked in a place that had 700 WLW (incredibly conservative, and ran Rush's show) on the radio all day every day.

You'd be surprised how many people listen to this stuff every single day.

[EDIT: the more I think about it, Rush wasn't on 700 WLW, but he was still on in that shop everyday nonetheless]


Just an awful human being, and that statement has nothing to do with politics. Now Ron Paul on the other hand...


I started listening to Hannity.

Quickly tired of him then moved on to Rush.

Quickly tired of him then just the local guy, Jason Lewis.

Too angry so switched to Mark Levin. Funny as shit but can't get him any more.

Now just read. Mostly history and economics. Far better than listening to the talking heads.


I do. I like to listen to his extremist views and sometimes laugh at this so called facts. Basically I'm waiting for the "Prepare for battle my brothers, KILL THE N****R IN OFFICE, KILL THE MEXICANS (or whatever minority is the flavor of the month), KILL THEM ALL, I COMMAND YOU!" Everytime he starts commenting on Obama, I could see him throwing the N word around fluidly if he could get away with it.


The nature of my job has me on the road all day long. This means that I end up listening to Rush, then Hannity, then Beck or Larson before getting home.

I don't necessarily agree with these guys, but I get a lot of news from them that I don't hear elsewhere. If it's big enough news, I'll verify it before believing it, what with the nature of talk radio and all.

I actually get the impression that Rush is actually a pretty damn smart guy. I enjoy his show most of all. The guy is funny.

I didn't particularly care for Hannity seeing him on TV, but he's actually a pretty nice guy on radio. He takes the most calls from guys who don't agree with him and is generally cordial with them. I think his is the less thought out show though. I don't think he can back his beliefs up well.

Glenn Beck's heart is in the right spot, and he's very well read, but I don't think he applies his knowledge practically to make the right decisions oftentimes. He also talks about the average man too much. I find the concept of the average man insulting. In my head we've all the potential to be great men, and to accept the title of average is obnoxious.

I think out of them all, the most reasonable guy is Lars Larson.

Savage I disagree with most of all, but damn if he doesn't have a good voice for radio. Plus I don't have to yell at the radio, he does it for me.

I just wish Adam Corolla was back on the radio...8-12 hours of political talk radio is a killer.