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Rush Limbaugh on 'Family Guy' Tonight


As Rush would say: should be a hoot!

Conservatives can laugh at themselves. Libs...you couldn't pull a pin out of their asses with a tractor.

BTW: Seth McFarland stood there, in the trailer (on Youtube) with his arms crossed and occasionally glaring at Rush during an interview. Guess we'd need a semi-truck with Seth and his pin...


Nice of you to post a link.


Thank you for starting a thread about it!


What the fuck do you smoke, seriously.


Family Guy lost me when they had Peter's wife dressed in a certain costume for Halloween. When asked who she was she said something to the effect "I'm the guy Laura Bush killed in a car accident." Then Peter said something like "Laura Bush killed a guy." Then they all took a turn saying it. I thought to myself, this guy, the creator of this cartoon is one mean spirited liberal. Then on second thought I realized that the only difference between him and other staunch liberals is that he has a mouth piece. Family Guy? No thanks. Maybe when they start making fun of Obama the way the did Bush I'll start watching it again. But I won't hold my breath on that one.


LOL! Another head added to the collection.

Thanks Mak!!


Do you find a way to make everything into a Conservative vs. Liberal showdown?

Also they make alot of fun of Obama, Pelosi, and Dems in general during the episode. Did you even watch the clip? lol


First question, have you watched Family Guy though the years? If you have you are aware that it's not ME that's turning things into a political debate, it's Seth McFarland who is a very staunch liberal. And while through the years he's taken a few wacks at Bill Clinton over all it's been about 10-1 pro democrats. Try to figure out what's going on before you post next time. It's okay to be wrong, but you are so far off the mark here you look silly.


I am only speaking to last night's episode, but I thought they did a good job of portraying Louis as a crazy liberal. I haven't followed the show closely enough to comment much more.


I watched it online this morning. I thought it definitely was taking aim at conservatism as a whole, but given that the show is just absurd to begin with it really shouldn't bother anyone anyway.

Ma-ha-Rushie gives his take on the whole thing:


Seth MacFarlane is a New England pseudo-intellectual liberal.

He makes cartoons. I love American Dad, Family Guy is hit or miss, and I'm not into the Cleavland Show at all.

In any case, they're all cartoons, don't take them too seriously.

And it's okay, even therapeutic to laugh at yourself/your dogma's sometimes.


"That's your problem right there. The fact that you'd give credit to a woman means you're a liberal, Brian"

Classic, lol.


Liberals laugh at themselves all the time. It's called Saturday Night Live skits with impressions of every lib from the Clintons to Jesse Jackson to Barbara Walters to any of the Kennedys.


I gotta go with ZEB on this one. I love the show, but I do get sick of all the liberal agenda pontificating during some of the more topical episodes, especially the preaching that Brian the dog carries on with. Some of the commentary is overtly political and clearly takes a stance on certain issues. When I find myself in disagreement with these well-defined points of view, it turns me off some and it isn't because I turn everything into a politically-framed debate. The show forces these sorts of reactions on to some of their viewers.

Some of their blatantly pro-left wing agenda stances are entertaining because I agree with some of the assertions being made, but they're just telling me what I want to hear. Other times, I totally disagree because they are not telling me what I want to hear. I see this sort of thing from the conservative media/entertainment industry as well though, so it's not a symptom of liberalism by itself.


How the fuck did the Cleveland show make it to a 2nd season? I agree w/Spartiates Amer Dad > Fam Guy >>>>>>>>>>> the abortion known as the Cleveland Show.


Who the fuck is Seth MacFarland


I'm with skaz on this one. It's a freaking cartoon!! If even the archetype for neo-conservatism The Rushman himself can take a step back, say "I had a lot of fun doing this and I think it's absolutely hilarious" then why draw a line in the sand there as he put it? It's not the place. I agree with DBCooper, the dead left slant of it bothers me a lot sometimes, and there are some jokes and episodes that straight up turn me off. But the bottom line is it's funny, it's enjoyable, it's witty, and I like it.

You can't turn everything into a political battle, you'll go insane.


Brian is an unemployed, wannabe intellectual who dropped out of college and is writing a book of such miserably poor quality that even Louis laughs at it. He's in every single episode.

What are the cons complaining about?


I don't watch Family Guy, because it's not funny, at all. I'd rather watch Phineas and Ferb....Candice is hot....


is this a political issue:O