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Rush Limbaugh Bids For St.Louis Rams


ST. LOUIS (AP)â??The lowly Rams have someone who loves them.

Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh said Tuesday he is teaming up with St. Louis Blues owner Dave Checketts in a bid to buy the Rams, owners of the NFLâ??s longest losing streak at 14 and just 5-31 since 2007.

In a statement, Limbaugh declined to discuss details, citing a confidentiality agreement with Goldman Sachs, the investment firm hired by the family of former Rams owner Georgia Frontiere to review assets of her estate, including the NFL team.

Limbaugh also declined to discuss other partners that might be involved in the bid, but said he and Checketts would operate the team.



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Weird. I was listening to him today and he said nothing of this, but I was only listening for about an hour. Open line Fridays aren't his best days of the week.

I know he's a big Steelers fan though. I'm sure he'll have details on his site later.


Not at all,push. This will be interesting...considering how some black NFL players just "love" Rush these days.


Perfect fit. Maybe we can get Bill O'Reilly to support the Raiders, too.


Looks like the team will have a new supplier of pain pills.


No, you've already shown over in PWI that you lack good judgement and critical thinking skills.

At this point, the Rams almost deserve this kind of punishment though.


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Oh,wow. No wonder that image came up a lot. And that was an interesting read..thanks.


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Hmm..I don't know...but I'm sure a lot of black players could really give a shit...they just want to play and get paid....not worry about politics that have nothing to do with football. But can Rush keep politics out of football?...that is a bigger question.

I do think his latest comments about "In Obama's America,white kids get beat up by black kids..blah,blah." are going to be brought up in regards to how the black players for St.Louis respond to this. But like I said,some could care less...others are going to go nutty.


I don't know. I tend to think a lot of players would lean to the same side on this. I don't remember a single player sticking up for Limbaugh back when he made his comments about McNabb on ESPN. I would bet that most don't even know anything about Limbaugh, other than his comments about McNabb, who, at the time, was one of the most popular players in the league. Remember, the players are union members, and thus, are taught to stick together on some levels.

Now, if Limbaugh actually ended up being owner, would these players actually carry through? Maybe, but I doubt it. Even if a couple players did so, there's no way the whole teams refuses to play. So, I can't imagine the team itself changing much.

BUT...what I can see happening is players refusing to get traded or drafted to St. Louis. It's easier to refuse to go somewhere than it is to leave where you are.


Also, this is assuming Limbaugh even gets ownership. This isn't the NBA. The NFL is desperate for money and there are no Mark Cubans in the NFL. I mean, Jerry Jones is probably the most noticeable owner(partly because he's also the GM), but he's not really controversial, outside of the football sense of the word.


I expect to see a lot of runs to the right.....



I don't know how you are reading it, but his comments about Mcnabb, are a critique of the media, the comments about Obama are a critic of Obama. I don't even see anywhere in there where he addresses black culture itself, or Mcnabb.

If I were to say, "In the grand wizards America, white kids beat up black kids while white kids cheer", does that make me racist against whites? No, because I'm not addressing the white population, I'm addressing the KKK.

The same with the McNabb comments. He was addressing the way the media wanted a black man to succeed. The comment isn't really even about mcnabb.




I don't know how you read my post,because I never addressed the McNabb comments..as I understand that was a critique of the media.....but at McNabb's expense...which was foolish.

As for the whole "In Obama's America" stuff....your analogy has the undertone of saying that the grandwizards are racist...therefore all the white kids are too. So I think your analogy backfired in validating how Rush's comment looks pretty stupid and follows the same failed "logic" in basically calling Obama a racist....at the expense of unrelated people/incident.


Let me clarify a couple of things.

  1. I donâ??t like rush.

  2. Iâ??m not defending his comments as right or good in any way, I just donâ??t read racism.

Yes, that media comment was at mcnabbâ??s expense which makes him and idiot and an ass, but like I was saying, not racist. Being rude to an individual doesnâ??t make you racist.

I fail however to see how the obama comment was at the expense of unrelated people. My analogy was to say that rushâ??s comments had nothing to do with black kids except in how he believes them to relate to obamaâ??s ideology. Now you can say he is wrong about obama all you want, right or wrong, it doesnâ??t change the fact that the only thing being addressed is the ideology of an individual.

It is not a requirement of my analogy that the grand wizard actually believes what Iâ??m attributing to him, that makes the comment not racist. Weather the guy Iâ??m talking about is in fact racist or not has no bearing on my point.

Let me try again. Letâ??s hypothesize I say, â??George bush doesnâ??t like black peopleâ?? on national television. That is for the points of the discussion an almost identical statement with the white/black rolls reversed. Does that comment make me an idiot? Yes. Am I wrong? Probably. But it doesnâ??t make me racist. It does probably mean Iâ??m prejudiced against the individual, but that isnâ??t racism.

Was kanye westâ??s comment racist against whites? If not, then neither was Rushâ??s.

I agree they are both dumb comments though.

Then again, I attended a tea party, so I hate black people just like bush.