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Rural Third World Program Help

hi brothers and sisters… first post. work has brought me to an extremly rural area. I have a bench, a barbell and plenty of plates
i built a pullup bar and dip bar. Ive been doing a full body split 3 times a week Deadlift
Shoulder press
I’ve made some great gains in strength and in size. Does anyone know of a good split routine that i can try with my limited resources? thanks
adapt and overcome

No idea for a split routine, but since you didn’t mention squats - you could get yourself some sawhorses (or build something alike) and do squats. Or even build yourself a wooden squat rack, if you got the materials and the time.

thanks, i already bought supplies for that, hopefully it doesnt collapse on me

You might try Zercher squats with the barbell in the crooks of you bended elbows, pretty safe and the kind of rack you need is much simpler.

Where are you?

really looking for a split… maybye 4 or 5 days in which a barbell and plenty of plates, bench, squat rack, dip bar, pull up bar are my only tools… anyone know of a program in which i can utilize those items?