Ruptured Quadriceps

I snapped the quadriceps femoris and just had it re-attached, so I’m down for 6 weeks and 6 months of re-hab. I was advised to contract my quad as little as possible.

Does anyone have suggestions or resources on forming a diet plan to minimize the effects of a sedentary life style?

Same goes for cardio that doesn’t involve any leg motion…I thought of swimming with purely upper body.

one week post surgery

Monday: Back
Pullups 4x15
machine row 4x8
machine row wide grip 2x8
chin ups 3x12
preacher curls 2x10

Wednesday: Chest
machine press 4x8
machine fly 3x8
dips 4x20
kickbacks 3x8

Friday: Shoulders
machine press 3x8
sitting db lateral raise 2x10
arnold press 2x10
rear delt machine 3x10
ab machine 4x10

whole grain kashi flakes, w/ strawberries

light and fit yogurt w/ half scoop chocolate muscle milk (I have a sweet tooth this helps)

steak and bell pepper skewers

3 stalks of celery w/ peanut butter

chicken breast, carrot, half potato

Im no expert but id go with a much higher protein content as it takes more calories to digest, helping you with leaness and may also help speed the recovery of your quad.

Targeted carbs could be a good approach (breakfast & workout).

Good point on the digestion, but as I tore the tendon attaching the quad to the knee I don’t think it will help with recovery.

Its a recommendation I follow and have my clients follow because I havent seen anything produce results like it but try to jump on the Paleo Diet. Tons of good stuff to read. You can google the moses out of it or go to my coachs website:

Same things Im gonna say are what you would find on those sites:
Add protein (eggs, fish, lean meat) and healthy fats. Maybe throw in some fruit but while out of commission you probably want to keep carb sources to veggies and fruits. Kashi cereal is a joke. That stuff is made by Kelloggs. Kelloggs didnt all of a sudden grow a heart and take a nutrition class, it still isnt good for you. Cereal unfortunately will always be cereal; not good for you.

Snack? Again try to use protein and fat. Sweet tooth you say? fruit, but in moderation. If that doesnt work try shaving some dark chocolate, its better for you. Try snacking on a Larabar, they have some tasty ones out there.

Lunch: pretty spot on but you could add fat, in moderation for some extra flavor.

Snack: Maybe switch to a clean almond butter instead of peanut (clean meaning no added sugar like evaporated cane juice. look for something that says just: ALMONDS.

Dinner: Skip the potato. Id probably drop starch for your time off. Its not gona be utilized effectively in any way. It will just spike insulin levels and gets stored as fat as well as store anything else it can as fat.

I recently tore something in my lower abs and havent been able to do a damn thing as well. I started tightening the belt with the paleo and added a little extra fruit (been doing this a month) and still have a 6 pack without exercising so I say thats a success.
If you have any questions just ask away.
Best of luck!

thanks i’ll look into it…the diet should be better next as I will be cooking for myself instead of visiting family