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Ruptured Pec Tendon, No Surgery


I know there is lots of Pec tear forum posts all over the internet. I've read hours of them. Unfortunately 98% of the posts are from people who get surgery. I ruptured my pec tendon 6 weeks ago. I believe it is still partially attached but it may not be as my doctor did an ultrasound and would only MRI if I opted for surgery. He knew the tendon was torn badly though.

I have a new baby who I need to be able to care for which meant there was no way I could be in a sling.

Currently I can deadlift, squat, overhead press (at 70 %), and Row. Cant even pushup from my knees right now though.

Is there anyone on the forum that could let me know how their recovery went without surgery for this injury.


Not sure if you’re pec is completely torn if you can do those exercises. I couldn’t. You should definitely get the MRI to confirm. I torn my pec at the muscle tendon junction and tried for 7 weeks to go the conservative route and had multiple physical therapy sessions.

Bottom line is that I wasn’t getting any stronger but I did have full ROM. I also had a small divot where the tendon tore next to my armpit.

I had to have the surgery, currrntly 2 weeks out and doing a lot better.


I tore the muscle from the tendon conjunction (MRI done, IIRC the diagnose was that muscle is completely detached from the tendon) about 8 wks ago.

Done relatively light rehab (isometric tension, rubber band isometric holds, push ups leaning against the wall in an angle)
last friday tried bench with 2,5 kg dumbbell, felt extremely uncomfortable and weak.
Military press with dumbbells was ok, as was dumbbell row.

OP: if you can post on this thread about your progression that would be great.