Ruptured Pec, Cycle to Bring Me Back

Ok so, ive recently fully ruptured my left pec. Just got surgery about a week ago…Life sucks. Cant lift at all, no appetite, cant sleep, all that bullshit.

So with that said i decided its time to stop feeling sorry for myself and turn my body into a lean mean muscle healing machine. So for ive decided to have the cycle consist of Deca Durabolin as a base, obviously test to keep from being supressed (probably sust or enenthate), igf-1 (or gh), and maybe some anavar.

So can someone help me out here? How do i go about doing this? Whats helpful and what wont do jack? And do i inject the igf-1 directly into the ruptured pec? And im planning on using the lr3 igf-1, is this the best choice compared with the reg version? And what about ghrp-6?

Thanks alot in advance!

Why the deca?

There are many mixed reviews of igf out there. I have yet to try it so I really dont have an opinion. The HGH is something I would include for sure.

From what ive read low dose test and low dose eq will both help to promote the healing. Double check that for sure as im not positive on it.

Ive read deca is a very effective tendon strengthener, and effective at repairing tissue.