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Ruptured Discs, Want to Lift Again


I’ve managed to screw my back.

Last year I was on cycle (test/e) and was gaining well. Then in April I cleared a shit load of concrete from my house.

Cut a long story short my back was stiff for a few months until I came off cycle, then in August the sciatica struck and I haven’t lifted since.

Now fat and fed up I need help.

I’ve had 2 lots of steroid injections in my spine, they help for a couple of weeks then back to square one.

If anyone can advice me that’ll be great. I’m thinking got worse off cycle so start a new one?

But what to cycle? Tren/test?

I’m 46 and know that I can’t wait a couple of years, I’ve cycled since I was 40.

I can’t take this shit and want to lift again. I’m getting fat and depressed so I’m going to juice just want some real world help/advice first.

Cheers g