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Ruptured Blood Vessels in Hand

Hey guys,

I was hit somewhat hard on my left hand and within minutes I noticed a bunch of tiny red spots appearing on the skin. My skin did not break and it is not paining noticeably, but the skin seems to be slightly swollen.

It seems like I have some contusions/ruptured blood vessels underneath the skin. It will not prevent me from exercising, but I would still like to know if I diagnosed this correctly and how I can treat this injury as quickly as possible.

My current plan is to ice the affected area for about 30 minutes, and take a Vitamin C pill. I have also read that applying a warm poultice of oatmeal can speed up recovery, so I will probably do that after the ice.

Once again, nothing major, but just checking with you guys.

Well its been 5 hours since I posted originally and after ice treatment the spots seem a little less noticeable and they no longer have that slight sensitivity that they had when I posted at 3:47. I will continue treatment as necessary.

Unless there is something I am doing wrong, we can let this thread die.