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Ruptured Biceps


I'm amateur athlete. I ruptured my biceps long head tendon two month ago. Doctor says it's to late for surgery. Biceps donâ??t hurt but I feel pain in elbow when I do curls straight bar even with little weights or washing face. May I come back to strength training without risk completely damage of my biceps? Is short head strong enough?

What kind of exercises i should avoid which are suggested?
Iâ??m very grateful for experience people who had this injury and their story after,
what about amount of strength loss and time of rehab?


I tore my distal bicep off and had it repaired 4 weeks post injury. If you are 2 months out it would depend if it was 100% torn or not, if it is only a partial tear the bicep tendon may stay in place and could still be fixed. Even if it wasn't you could have a grafted tendon. I would look for another doctor and push the issue.

My repair is strong, a year after surgery I could row 315 without problems, do pullups and curl dumb bells without problem, however I can't do supinated movements, such as straight bar or ez bar curls or supinated chins with bottom end full extension. While the muscle is strong enough to do it the tendon feels pulled in an unnautral way at the bottom of the movement, like it may rip. So now I stick to dumbells and pronated or neutral pullups.

If you have pain doing something you should stop. If you have the surgery you can plan for a year of rehab probably, it took me about 9 months post op to feel comfortable using it. If you need a graft rehab will take longer.


how long did you wait to see doctor? because that kind of pain should not be ignored. especially if it's

torn at the elbow and is surgical. do you show that you have what's called "popeye muscle"?


I saw first doctor 2 weeks after injury, another 4 and 8 weeks. Last one was orthopedic and suregeon specialist and said what i wrote above. I have proximal biceps tendon rupture, exactly long head tendon. Biceps is shorter and little deformed. I didn't feel pain after injury. Perhaps becouse I had inflammation of tendon before for over the month. I rather felt relief.


the fact you felt relief, tells me that this was bothering you for awhile, probally on and off for at least

a year, and you said for a month or so. had it been bothersome durring the past year? hope you get better.

i blew my short head bicep tendon, horrible tear as well, and also tore the labrum, acl, and rotator cuff.

was in pain (including post-OP) for almost 2 1/2 yrs and was on percoset and oxycontin durring that time.

it was nov 2010 that i noticed i felt no pain and stared exercising again only to discover i had abnormaly

low testosterone and that is another thread in T Replacement forum.


This is bad injury and you will be limited in doing the traditional curls since your bicpes brachii is challenged when doing the traditional curls with palms are forward and facing up when you do DB and BB curls. But that tendon is ruptured, the biceps brachii is not flexing the elbow. The brachialis, the biceps short head, which its origin is on the scapula, gets its best challenge when doing reverse grip curls. So you can probably do reverse curls. You can also try hammer curls, to challenge your brachioradialus which crosses the elbow and inserts at the radialus in the forearm. First though, I would seek a second opinion with the goal of getting this injury repaired and get guidance from that doctor too, on exactly what you should be doing and what you should not be doing regarding training your biceps until its repaired.