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Ruptured Achilles Training. Do I Look Like I Lift?

Hi guys, I’m a guy who used to train but let myself go. 2 months ago I ruptured my Achilles’ tendon so I started weight training again (upper body only) because I couldn’t do any other sport. I know 9 weeks is a ridiculously short time training wise but just curious, do I look as if I lift? FYI, the last photo is what I looked like the 1st day of training, 9 weeks ago. Thanks

Hard no for me bud.

Yes… it is. Too soon to be seeking validation my friend. To answer your question you look remarkably better than you did before you started. I would say you look like a casual lifter already. Keep up the hard work.

Fair enough :sweat_smile:

Thanks. I’ll keep at it. Getting married in 6 weeks so trying to get in shape for the fiancée was the initial motivation! But I love lifting so hoping to make it a lifestyle thing

On the first pics, yeah a bit. On the last you look like a blob though! But don’t worry, keep this positive mindset and you’ll look like it :wink:

That is actually incredible progress for 9 weeks. Better than 90%

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Thanks. Gotta make the most of those newbie gains! Although my strength gains seem to be slowing already :man_facepalming:

Haha, yeah I was on my way to blob status but hopefully turning it around now :smile: