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Rupert Young/Charlie Francis


For the past 12 months or so I have been an avid peruser of the Charlie Francis site. Recently, I have been very taken aback by the posts of Charlie's chief moderator Rupert Young. This megalomaniac pencil neck goes out of his way to be rude whenever possible. The final straw was the banning of my good friend Carl Valle. One of the most knowledgable coaches one will ever find.

Of course, when I voiced my displeasure at Carl's banning I was also banned. Interestingly enough although I can no longer post on Charlie's forums, he will still let me spend money on his product. Can you believe this? I wonder if Charlie has any idea how much money this whistle dick is costing him? Rant over.


Speaking of spending money on his products, I bought the Modern Strength and Power Methods and Training for Speed e-books from his site and paid by credit card about a month ago, yet it says that my order is still pending. I have sent numerous e-mails and have not even received a reply. There is an option to "re-submit payment" but I'm extremely reluctant to do that based on the last month. Anyone else have this problem?


There are plenty of Internet sites and Coaches and other aids who run them who get off by abusing their power. Crossfit is another site like this. They have banned people (from what my friends tell me) for simply disagreeing with their training methodology.

All of this should make you very glad that you are welcomed hear at T-Nation where free speech (except for obvious trolls) has always been the norm.



That is not entirely true. I have previously had a post deleted on the basis that it was unduly negative and "to protect an employee (i.e author) of Biotest".

Whether my post was, as I would submit, a legitimate and justifiable disgreement with an erroneous and potentially dangerous view propounded by the author or a negative attack as the moderator believed, I must say that I was very surprised by the exercise of censorship on this site for the above stated reasons when there was no personal abuse or bad language.


What do you mean that Carl was banned. He is posting on CF.com as I write this.

Also would you like to elaborate on what Rupert is saying that is driving you crazy.

Just curious, thats all.


I have no problem with posts being deleted or edited by the Mods. I think they generally do a great job. If you want to play here, you play by the rules. I get censored by the Mods occasionally, and when I take a step back and look at why they did it, it is usually spot on.

If you believe that you were hard done by, I would suggest that you get over it.


It happened to me too when I bought Coach CT's book from the Charlie Francis site. It took me to start a thread on their board to catch the mods' attention in order to get them to release my purchase.

Check your credit card bill and if they have already charged, do not re-submit payment in any way.

Geek boy


I dont like rupert either...
Charlie is awesome

Im personally not a fan of clemson at all, but as far as i know he isnt banned


On what ZEB wrote:
Zeb said that free speach except for obvious trolls has always been the norm...

This is not true because a while ago there was very intense moderation, but it has since been loosened up a fair bit...


it took a few pointless emails to Rupert and maybe two months for my order of Charlie Francis Training Systems to no longer be "pending." i think it may be that my PayPal account wasn't set up properly, so look there before blaiming Rupert.

Carl Valle (Clemson) is the guy answering all the FROST Qs and wrote the article. i dunno how else he's involved, but if he was banned that would be a kinda big thing...especially since most of CF.com's traffic really respect Clemmie.

the only kind of posts ive had modded out on this site are blunt asshole ones. not that those are bad (too many pussies around), but i think our mods do a fine job. i'll just go elsewhere to be an asshole, i guess.


Well, what happened on crossfit was that somebody was writing up programs then inventing new names and posting what an expert this guy was...but, all the posts (and I understand it was quite a few) were all from the same house.

So, you can rip on places like crossfit or dragondoor or even here (T-Nation) for moderating things, but usually, it seems, people ask for it. I mean, really, what would drive someone to invent a bunch of internet IDs to support their own stuff? Why? It is not like you are going to make a ton of money posting your workouts on the net (trust me on that). Moreover, results speak for themselves.

So, when a site (like crossfit) bans somebody for posting a workout then posting a bunch of phony "testimonials"...I don't get why that is an issue.


Rupert is a dick. He banned me because I suggested they ship FROST from the US so you don't have to pay $20 for regular shipping.

Clemson was banned, maybe he's back. Regardless if you don't like him personally, he's a very good coach.


Ya, Rupert is a total asshole, at least on the forums. I am 100% convinced he was picked on when he was growing up, had to be. Dude needs to get a life. He is moderating a free forum, not like he is doing some huge great thing.

I also wonder if Francis knows what kind of an ass this guy is, or if he just said "you do it" and let this guy loose. There is still tons of good info and lots of knowledge on that board, so still worth reading.


and that's it? you suggest, he bans?


bobby, at CF.com under your handle "bobbyt" it says "banned," under clemson's handle it says "member." clearly, he's not banned. what made you think he was banned?


i suggest, he writes back in the thread stating they don't need anymore advice from forum members. i write back stating i've bought 5 other products from you, i think i'm entitled to my opinion. next thing i know i'm banned.

i wrote him an email telling him its ridiculous that i'm banned and as a customer i have a right to my opinion. he told me that they're not taking shit from anyone anymore but i never gave him any shit so it didn't make any sense.

bottom line he's a child and because he's associated with CF he thinks somehow that makes him great. the forum has sucked for a while now anyway. charlie doesn't post there and a lot of the good coaches don't post there any more either.

all you have now is 14 yr olds asking the same bullshit questions over and over. i think they also took away a lot of the archived material so they can sell it as the forum review.


I think I may have had a problem with my order going through there as well, but I may be mistaken.


sad, really. i used to have much respect for that site.

i remember when the thread from this site about mariuologoist getting reamed out of his skull for his retahded sprinting ideas was linked on CF Rupert got fussy and determined that it was an advertising ploy. riiiiight.


I've been on T-Nation for some time now and I think it's great that they allow intelligent criticism and honest views on it's articles and not just glowing endorsements. That is what makes the material believeable.

I have recently started looking for more athletic performnace based sites, one of which is CF.com. I haven't really found much good info because the forums are clogged with people who don't really know what they are talking about and ask questions showing a lack of fundamental understanding of the topics.

Are there any really good threads for athletic enhancement for team sports you recommend or just threads with more information rather than banter.

What other sites do you guys look on for performance based suff? I can't see myself ever finding a site as well produced as this with a mixture of great coaches, general info, knowledgable readers and great pictures of women but there is no harm in trying!



It has nothing to do with getting over anything.

The question is: under what cicumstances is it appropriate to censor posts on what purports to be a forum which allows free speech.

You may think that the protection of an employees sensitivities for commercial purposes is a legitimate exercise of that discretion. I do not.

I am interested in what you and others may have to say about this topic. I am not interested in platitudes.