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Running while Trying to Preserve / Gain Muscle?


For pre-season conditioning in wrestling we would do Indian runs, which were high intensity intervals done as a group, and used circuits for time.

That turned out some some pretty damn lean and mean athletes. The performance was prioritized over physique though. That might be something you just have to accept for some period of time.


@rootakye Read this, read it again, then one more time for measure. TFP is absolutely correct on everything he said here, to the point where I have nothing more to add other than to agree.

My PT test is a 1.5 mile run, not a 3, but with even that distance I find that 400m intervals help amazingly, but much shorter than that and I start to lose benefit. Having had to do the marine PFT a couple times, 800m and 1 mile intervals were my bread and butter for increasing time, with longer 3-5 mile runs at a tough but manageable pace twice a week done to get my body used to the mileage. It helps, and you do not want to be the slowest man on a run. Showing up maxing is a great goal, and will go a long way to help you out. Make that your main priority, with other weightlifting goals a secondary goal, not the other way around.


@kleinhound is wanting to do some police special ops type stuff and is training for that. Check out his log “Return of the Ribeye” to see his conditioning work. He’s also strong and lean.


In terms of “tactical fitness” (I can’t think of a better way to describe what we are talking about, but I hate myself everytime I say this), look at Alpha’s old logs on here. He has some from when he was doing counter-terrorism work, only time I’ve seen a man with a 500lb bench who could still run sub 7 miles.


Dude is freaking awesome, but definitely not the norm - so don’t get too intimidated!


I found his first log (I think it’s the first) from 09. I’ve decided that it’s up to me to come up with my own program. It’ll be built for my goals and what I can mentally tolerate.

I’m a CSCS and TSAC-F for crying out loud!