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Running Tren E and Test E

Hey guys just got my gear and would really like to hear some feedback as to how much and often to use per week and how long to run a cycle of Tren E and Test E. This will be my first stacking the Tren with the Test. I’ve ran Test off and in for about a year now and overall just would like to hear what u guys think a good solid cyle would consist of. I’m new to the forum as well. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

So you bought the gear before knowing the cycle? Doses? Details? lol Have you bought the gym membership yet?


How did you even know how much to buy if you don’t know the doses or time on?

Ahahaha yea bud gym membership has been purchased…yesterday! Duh da duh. As for the Test it is 300/ml and 200/ml Tren. I was going to run a 12 week cycle 600mg/Test/wkly and 350-450mg of tren/wkly. Iv been told 300-450 wkly for the tren would be best for me and 600 for the test. Wanted some opinions.

My opinion is you’ve been told wrong

Let the hospital know you’ll be coming to visit them soon if you decide to run that stuff at those dosages.

Do your homework.

How old are you anyway?

  1. 13% BF. like I said I have been using test off and on for over a year now, if I went lower 250mg 2×/week wouldbbe it because I know my body. I was more or less wanting feedback on the Tren.

That is why I am here so lets here it.

What do you mean by using Test off and on for over a year now? What does that entail?

Feedback on Tren? What exactly do you want to know?

Disclaimer… I’ve never run tren. But from what I’ve read a little goes a long way. You are also running the long ester which again, from reading only not experience, you would be wise to use the shorter ester and pin more often. If sides manifest they will clear quicker. Let us know what you decide and good luck. Do you have caber and pct on hand?

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You want advice in black and white then…here goes: DON’T RUN TREN!

You have no where near enough experience with AAS to make that jump already especially at those dosages.

The info you have given about yourself shows immaturity and no one is gonna give you any good advice other than just don’t bother using it.

Do more homework.

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