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Running Tren Ace


Hey guys, just a quick tren acetate question...

I've just started my cutting cycle which is going to be 16 weeks long. I had it all planned out and was going to be running tren enanthate for the first 10 weeks then switching to acetate for the final 6 to harden up before show time.

Unfortunately, the enanthate was gone before I could get it and have a TON of acetate on hand. I know tren shuts you down hard, so do you guys think 16 weeks of tren ace is too long to be running? Or what if I broke it up and ran it the first 6 weeks, then off for 6 and back on for the final 4?

Any suggestions and input would be appreciated.

Thanks guys!


what compounds are you planning on running..and 16 weeks is a long time. and 16 weeks of ED tren injections will annoy anyone.. give us some more to work with bud



If you have waited till 16 weeks before your contest to plan things out, this was poor planning, but is what has to be worked with at this point.

I would do this as for example six weeks on, two off, and eight back on. (Or seven, two, and seven, but for some reason people do not like cycles of odd numbers of weeks.)

I would be sure to frontload each of the phases, and to use short acting injectables at the end of the first phase so as to have a quick transition and recover.

Using PCT of course in the off weeks.


Hey guys thanks for the response. Sorry for not mapping out what I'm taking, that would have been the smart thing to do.

To Bill: I did not wait till 16 weeks out, this was planned for awhile, I was jsut waiting for the tren enanthate to get here and when it did it did there wasn't enough and I got screwed out of it.

Anyways, the guy that is working with me has worked with lots of pros in the past and has been doing it for 19 years, so I figure he knows his shit....but I do admit, I've never done a cutting cycle like this in the past. I'm now 5 days into my diet and I have noticed a big difference in my physical appearance and yet I've only lost 2lbs, it's nuts.

Here's what my cycle was designed to look like:

Weeks 1-10: test enanthate 250mgs every monday
Weeks 1-16: test prop 100mgs every mon, wed, fri
Weeks 1-10: tren enanthate 75mgs every mon, wed, fri
Weeks 11-16: tren ace 50mgs ED
Weeks 1-16: winny 100mgs every tues, thurs, sat (weeks 1-12 are injectable, weeks 13-16 are tabs)
Weeks 1-16: 50mgs anadrol (25mgs in the morning and 25mgs post workout)
Weeks 1-16: 50mgs proviron ED
Weeks 13-16: 50mgs anavar ED

I'm not currently running the tren enanthate, but I have a ton of tren ace on hand. What you guys think?

Again, I've never ran a cycle like this before, but I'm only 5 days into my diet and seeing some great results very quickly.

So...what you guys think?


I knew a guy whose answer to everything was that he'd been doing it that way for 40 years.

It never seemed to occur to him that it is possible to do things wrong or non-optimally for 40 years.

It's also possible to do steroid cycles for pro bb'ers (and others) and leave them with no natural T production or very difficult recoveries yet still continue right on doing that for years on end.

I don't even know why you're asking here, as you have this adviser to pro's already telling you.

Anyway, good luck to you... one can lead a horse to water, and all that.


Of course you are seeing drastic results within a competition type diet in only a matter of days. Your body is depleting itself of water.

Other than that your cycle is laid out very poorly in my opinion. I could go very much into detail about this however I dont plan on it.

Read some more, about suggested lenght of taking orals, when to incorporate them as well as injection protocols for different types of test.


Hey Bill thanks for the respons.

I posted this on here cause like you said, it is possible to do things wrong. I'm jsut saying this guy is very credible and I know several of the BBers here locally that he works with and they all recommend him highly. I've posted on here for years and value the opinions of the vets on here, so thats why I wanted to post this. Thanks for responding.


Thanks for responding LillGuy001...

As I stated earlier and with my response to Bill, this is the first time I've ever done a cycle like this. I've never been into 16 week dieting cycles or running the gear Im taking the way I am....

That being said, I just posted this to get peoples opinions on it. I like to use myself as a guinea pig, so I'm always up for trying new cycles which is why I ran with this guy on this one.

Anyways, thanks again for responding.