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Running Track in Vibrams


I'm new in the forums and this is my first post. Anyway, track practice starts monday and i don't know what shoes to wear. Should I run in Vibrams (Bikila), Onitsuka Tiger Tai Chi shoes, or buy some track shoes.


Try the vibrams and see if they're appropriate. If they're not, I've heard good things about Nike Waffles(I think that's what they're called).


I really hate Vibrams so I say real track shoes.

I must add that I have never worn Vibrams, I just hate the whole idea of them.


Well I never owned track shoes, but the last time i ran in anything with heel lift, my knees didn't stop aching for a solid month.


Second that. Waffles are great shoes.


why not ask your track and x-country coach??? he see's your running style, not us.. he'll know what he thinks will be the best shoe for you.. kinda a dumb question really...


Well i usually run barefoot, but thats on grass


I love my vibrams for sprints on the track but i'm not a track athlete so can't compare to much else!


I've got some Inov-8's that are great


cant believe this hasnt been asked yet....

What events are you running?


I wouldn't take the outlook that every running shoe (something with a larger heel) would lead to soreness. Running shoes are made for different pronation and suppination ( good article here: http://www.thestretchinghandbook.com/archives/pronation-supination.php ) Also, different brands of shoes are going to treat your feet differently.

Another big thing to consider is the distance your running. Just make sure you are not overdoing anything at all, being it running with no support or running in running shoes.

If you haven't read "Born to Run" I would highly recommend it.

Hope that helps


I've owned 3 pairs of Vibrams. They feel great and I would highly recommend them for lifting in or running on grass etc... If you run outside, on gravel tracks or that sort of thing I'd stay away. The 3 pairs I owned were in the course of a single year and I had to bring them back to the store after about 8 weeks with holes clean through the bottom. Thankfully I had a 90-day guarantee. After the 3rd pair I called it a loss and chucked 'em. For walking/jogging (and lifting) I've been wearing Nike Free's and they seem to be holding up a lot better. The heel is raised but a lot less than most runners.