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Running Track for Football?


I have been doing Rippetoes ABA workout for about a month now to get myself ready for college football. I am going to a community college and plan to transfer out in as little as one semester to a year. I want to get fast as I possibly can and strong as I possibly can in that time. Thing is though I had no speed workout so I decided to join my community colleges track team. Will track make me fast enough to make the team?

Another problem I have is that track is 4 days a weeks mon-thurs. So I cant do the rippetoe workout anymore because I used to do it 3 days a week with rest days in between. mon, wed, fri. What I am thinking is that basically I am putting strength aside for speed with this move. I have never ran track before so I don't know if it will get me strong enough. I want to be able to throw up 225 on the bench a decent amount of times and I was working towards that with the rippetoe routine. I'm sure track is gonna take care of the squatting. What about the strength part now?

What should I do? I was thinking of just doing some benching every Saturday to get that up but is this a good move? Will track make me strong enough to throw up 225 a good amount of times? Overall is doing track a good idea to get ready to walk on to the college football team?


The Starting Strength program can be done when an athlete is practicing their sport. Don't stop the program just because you think it will interfere with running, most likely sprinting by the sounds of it. As long as you are eating enough and getting decent sleep, you will still make progress with both the conditioning aspect of track and gain strength by lifting.


When should I lift though?. Basically I am using track for the speed aspect of football. But I am lacking is strength and size. That is what the strength program is for. I am 5'11 165 pounds. I bench 165 3x5 and squat 205. Track is mon-thurs. the starting strength program is

Mon: squat:3x5
Wed: squat:3x5
military press: 3x5
Bent over barebell rows: 3x5
fri: squat:3x5

Im pretty sure my track coach won't let me incorporate strength training when everybody else is doing workouts for track. Only reason why I joined track was because I didn't know how to make myself a speed program that I can do with correct form and technique and the pushing and motivating presence of a coach


football players lift weights and sprint. If you want to be a football player, then you must be able to do that. So start doing it


Strength is going to be more important in the long run if you are trying to prepare yourself for football. You can continue to lift m/w/f and run Monday to Thursday. This will give you the weekend to do whatever you want, which sounds like it already works our perfectly. It's not that big of a deal.

You should care less about your track coaches opinion of you lifting for football. Instead worry more about busting your ass in the gym, on the track, and most importantly in the kitchen. Eat all the shit you can get your hands on and more. You won't grow stronger if all you do is lift and run. Eat dense foods like oatmeal and raisins, peanut butter, ground beef, cheese, sweet potatoes, dried fruit, whole milk, rice with butter, eggs, protein powder. Try to put on at least 20 pounds to your frame.

All these foods are not only calorie dense, but are also pretty cheap if you're worrying about costs. Lift big, eat big.

Edit: I forgot chicken


I am saying I don't know if it is possible to lift on Mondays and Wednesday. Track is mon-thurs and we are doing track related stuff . NOT starting strength (which I need).The only off days I have from track are Friday,sat,sun. The starting strength program requires you to life three days with rest days in between.


So what you are saying is that you do not want to lift on days you have track practice? That is a ridiculous excuse. You can manage a few sets of bench, etc. after you do a running practice. I did it all four years in high school. I was an all-state pole vaulter, sprinter, and starting offensive guard at only 170 lbs. If you want to dedicate yourself to it than it is more than possible to achieve.


Hmm its not that I didn't want to ,its that I don't want to lift and not have enough energy to get through track practice. Especially since I am supposed to be lifiting HEAVY.Track practice is NO JOKE and I be dying out there. I barely get through it but I do. Someone else also told me I should do the lifting in the mornings before track practice but cut it down to AB instead of ABA and do Monday and Thursday instead.

What do you guys think?


I think you need to suck it up. If you can't handle lifting weights and running how the hell do you think you're going to be a college football player?

If you can't handle an hour of lifting weights and a track practice, how do you think you're going to handle getting your ass kicked by college football players for 20 hours a week?


That is exactly the point I was trying to make. There are enough hours in the day to fit in a 45 minute lift far enough away from your track practice so that you aren't so exhausted. And if the OP is tired all you have to do it shovel some carbs down your throat to stay energized.


You said you workout three times a week right?

Do two of those days during the three days you aren't on the track. Then suck it up and do one lifting day during the four days you are on the track.


ask your football and track coach to write up a plan for you. tell them your goals and train your ass off from what workouts they give you.


I'd suggested toning down on the amount of squatting in Rip's program, with the amount of sprinting you are doing. Otherwise it's solid.

Squat 1-2 times a week, run/sprint 2 times a week. Or perhaps have 1 squat session at 80% instead of jacking up the weight every workout.

I know this is not 'badass' and you should just 'suck it up'. But IMO this is a sustainable plan.


No offense, but this guy said he wants to play college football. And if that's the case, it's gonna take a lot more than lifting twice and running twice a week


What are you doing on the track each day? What are your exact track workouts each day? Volume, distance and recovery between sprints would be helpful. Also, what position do you play on the football field?


i never understand posts like the OP posted. guys in college and comes on a web site and asks for help.. why not go directly to the football coach and track coach where you currently go to college and then go directly to the college you are transfering to and have those coaches write up a plan to meet the OP's goals????? why come to a site where MOST dont have a clue????


None taken. Look at where this dude is starting out from. He ain't exactly on the cusp of breaking into the team.


If you care about football concentrate on that when you are not doing track, if your good enough to go somewhere for it they will program the strength you need.

If you just want to get your bench up, do some quality pushups every morning or every other morning. If you have some extra money get a weight vest and do them.

Football speed translates well to the 100, track speed doesn't always translate to the field. If your track coach doesn't have you concentrating on starting speed, then it will be a wasted month, unless you take it seriously and really learn techniques that strengthen your ankles. Other than that your better off doing football related drills. There are significantly more movements in football then track.


Hold up. Do I understand this right? You joined the track team just to train for football? It sounds like youre doing both teams a disservice.


Make sure you are fully rested between your sprint runs.