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Running Torem Temporaily While on TRT?

Hey guys , thanks for all the valuable information posted here

27 year old male, 6’0 , 216 pounds

I currently take 120mg a week test cyp, split into 60mg Monday and Thursdays
Been on TRT for 6 months, doc started me at 200/mg a week but felt too many side effects with libido ( test was 215 when I started. I’m secondary due to some auto immune issues). Tapered down to 160 a week in April and then down to 120 a week late may . I feel great at my current dose . These are my previous labworks from before I switched to twice a week ( 6/2/2014) . I was suspecting that my E2 creeped up after injection . However going to twice a week has made my libido and morning wood better then before I even started TRT

                                              Reference Range	

Free Testosterone(Direct) 12.0 9.3-26.5
Testosterone, Serum 533 348-1197
Estradiol 37.1 7.6-42.6

I will be getting blood work soon. My main question is , would it be safe to run a month or two of torem ? I would like to restore my testicle size temporarily and can get torem a lot quicker then HCG. Torem also appeals to me because adding HCG would probably also cause me to add an AI to the mix

Thank you for your thoughts and opinions

Yes, that would be OK, but be aware of the notes re SERM’s in the advice for new guys sticky and protocol for injections.

Your labs when injecting one a week are sort of meaningless - see above stickies