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Running the Krypteia Plan, Mostly

Ok before I get drawn and quartered for raping a 5/3/1 program, let me say I’m 55 years old and recovery is an issue sometimes. So that being said, I’m running Krypteia……but……

  1. I run is as written except I do dumbbell incline instead of dips because dips wreck my shoulders and elbows. This is still in keeping with the program so…so far so good.

  2. I use pushups some instead of the dumbbell inclines because I have a law enforcement fitness test coming up and push-ups are graded.

  3. If I’m feeling really beat up on a given day I cut back. Only 3x5 @ FSL instead of 5x5, drop some assistance sets, maybe just do main lift with 5x5 @FSL and stop. Just depends. When I get to the BBB portion I’ll ponder it then.

  4. If I miss a workout completely due to massive overtime I’m working (sheriff’s dept is brutal on hours) I don’t let it bother me. If its a day late, I do it a day late. If I miss the workout completely I go to the next day and keep going.

  5. I balance hard/easy conditioning. Easy conditioning was a 30 minute ruck march on Sunday. Hard conditioning is 10-12 hill sprints or interval training. Again I got a physical fitness test in November. I need to do well on it.

I hope I don’t look like a blasphemer, but again I’m 55 and trying to train smart.

Get some TRT

TRT? What’s TRT?

Maxx -sounds good, keep it up. To run krypteia over 40 let alone 50 is no joke

TRT guy -:weary: wtf buddy??

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Looks solid, keep it up!

I see no problem people making modifications when they know what’s good for them. After all, there is no rules.

PS. If I remember correctly, there even may be “old man Krypteia”, which is 3-5x5 FSL and with more BW assistance.

What’s the issue in my statement? Genuinely curious because my post was flagged. Idk if anyone here watches UFC but the TRT era was the best since all the legends were on TRT. It’s legal and a viable option. This is someone who is 55 and puts his life on the line as an officer and values his gym performance.

I guess I need to google TRT.

ok TRT, I get it. And yes I’m on it already. Wow I’m dense.

Recommending an individual undergo medication that manipulates their endocrine system when you have no medical training provide such an opinion AND while said individual has expressed nothing indicative of a need to receive medication is going to be frowned upon in many situations.

It would be like if someone asked a question about how to train and said sometimes they like to eat something sugary and a poster replied “Get on insulin!” or someone voiced that they’re concerned about eating from plastic containers too often and the response was “Get chemotherapy!”

Often, improving of lifestyle, fitness and diet tends to be the first recommended COA before bringing out medical treatments.


Straw man arguments if I ever heard. Plastic containers and chemo? lmao Get a hold of yourself.
Keep killing it Maxx.

They’re not arguments at all: they’re analogies.

Perhaps I misunderstood. When you asked “what’s the issue in my statement?”, I interpreted that to mean you were seeking an explanation for what the issue was. I was attempting to explain the issue.

Jesus. This is what I’m talking about. Now you’re playing schematics. I recommend the 55 year old man look into TRT. Heaven forbid.

Well, when your quote was how those were strawman arguments if you had ever heard them, I felt it was relevant to point out you had not yet heard a strawman argument.

Yes, and I explained to you why that response was met in the manner it was met, because you asked why it happened.

Perhaps I’m still confused: when you asked why it happened, did you not actually want to know the answer?

And to clarify, you told him to get TRT: not look into it. There is a world of difference between the two.

Dude I asked for an explanation and your response was full of straw man crap. Now you’re once again playing a bs card with this you told him to take trt as opposed to recommend he look into it. This is a grown man not a child.

Well, again, no: it was full of analogies. I was using them in the hopes of helping convey the point and make it understandable from a different perspective. That’s the purpose of an analogy. The argument I made was that you recommended an individual pursue a medicinal protocol that affects their endocrine system.

If you believe a strawman, either you do not know what a strawman is, or I very much did not understand what you meant when you wrote “get some TRT”

But given that is only 3 words, I don’t believe I misunderstood.

I have no dog in this fight. I’m attempting to explain to you why you got the response you did, because you ASKED why. I’ve asked you multiple times if you did not actually want an answer, and you’ve ignored me. Quite frankly, that’s rude. However, it may be illuminating, as it appears you believe questions do not traditionally get answered.

So please do me the courtesy here. I’m not being rhetorical: did you want an explanation for why you received the response you received? If not, then I apologize for answering your question: it would appear I misjudged the situation, and intended you no malice with my answer. If so, did my explanation help you understand why it happened, or are you still confused on the matter?

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I asked a question, you gave an answer and thats where it should have ended. Take care.

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You too dude.

Krypteia… it’s been a while since I ran it but I don’t remember 3x5,5x5 @ FSL, or BBB. Is there a newer version?