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Running Test... Forever?

How do you guys feel about not running a PCT after intense cycle and just continuing with testosterone forever? I’ve talked with my brother-in-law who is currently ranked #3 in the world for 285lb power lifters and he has told me that he has never gotten off of test. Whenever he is “off cycle” he runs 250mg Test C/week and when he is “on cycle” he runs 500mg/week with a stack (anadrol, dbol, deca, tren, etc.)

Would anyone recommend doing this? I don’t plan on ever going without running at least test for the rest of my life. I’ve also considered running 2iu/day of HGH when off and 4iu/day when trying to cut/balk and supplementing with Test. Thoughts?

That’s what I do and most members here do, we call it TRT lol


Okay okay… I just looked up TRT and it makes sense. My next question would be, how long do you usually go off cycle for?

That’s a blast and cruise technique. 250mg is still a bit higher than TRT. Make sure you keep up on labs even if you’re self administered.

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Cool, any experience with the HGH?

Not personally. I just start a Sermorelin protocol. I’ll let you know if it’s worth it after a few months.

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Just to be clear, no PCT is needed when you continue test after your cycle… right?

Trt requires no pct.

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Some need that much for trt. It is unusual, but some especially with high shbg need big doses.

Op, if you want kids in the near future probably stay away from blast and cruise.

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Will that affect my levels that badly? I conceived my first son while I was on cycle, didn’t realize it would affect me that severely

I have high SHBG… I take 130/mg week with levels in the 1000s. I’ve met very few people in person and on the forum that need that much. There are a few anecdotal tales though.

So maybe I should consider doing 125mg/week rather than 250

You could always use blood work to help guide you.

So how do you base your dosage off of bloodwork? Are there guidelines?

If you don’t want to run any long term risks you goal would be to dial yourself in top of normal ranges. Somewhere around 1000 ng/dl and you will still be running around with the levels of a teenager. You could start at 125mg/wk test in 4 weeks and then up your dose from there.

And then when I am on cycle I can go back up to 500mg/week, correct?

Here is what I am currently running, I plan on eliminating my PCT and going into 125mg/week Test C after my 8 weeks is up. What do you guys think

That is a better starting point. Many go by free testosterone. Try to get that at the top of the range. It’s a good goal to minimize the ai use. 250 mg a week may require ai use.

For blasts, it seems like 500 mg a week is a good starting place.

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