Running Test E, Primo & Deca Next

I am currently finishing up my pct and am already planning my next cycle. This will be my second cycle back from shoulder surgery, This past cycle I just used test/eq at 500mg/week and 400mg/week respectively to get back in the swing of things after surgery. I am thinking of this for my next cycle.

Week 1-10: Test E 700mg/week
Week 1-10: Primobolan 500mg/week
Week 1-10: Deca 200mg/week (this is strictly for healing/lubrication of the joints, deca helps me tremendously with my back and shoulder problems)

I am going to be running a diet featuring high, medium, and low carb days (carb-cycling), high protein, and moderate fat, Taking in about 4,000 Currently around 210, not quite sure of body fat, only lost about 5 pounds from the last cycle. One question I have is the use of Adex, I have never gone above 500mg/week of test so I have always had nolva on hand but never used adex, should I invest in some or is this dosage still low enough to go without it?

better to have and not need, then to need and not have.

you dont know how your body will react to 750mg test/week might as well invest in some adex.

or you can go out and buy yourself a purse to match the bitch tits you may get.

with all that test and deca the primo may be lost in the mix (bound up)…you’d prob be better off going with masteron given that it will give similar results with less cost.

to the first response, I was thinking the adex more for bloat as I have aromasin and plenty of nolva on hand in case of gyno, for the second response I agree, although I have never used masteron I have always heard about its great effects with test but surprisingly i will be getting the primo for free and have no source for masteron at the moment