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Running Stairs for Leg Size?


I was going to start sprints for an edded leg workout for size but got distracted by the stairs at the football stadium..
So I ran up the stairs two at a time at as fast as I can and my quads hams and glutes were absolutely on fire... I did it twice and was done

What do you guys think about sprint up stairs for size?


its genious! thousands of reps with minimal load and small ROM, sounds like super growth to me


If that was sarcasm..

Why do people report size gains from sprinting?

I felt my legs like no other leg exercise I have done...


I've heard a lot more people report size gains from bodybuilding - you should probably just do what they do...


Sprinting is full ROM and a completely balls-out intensity exercise. Sprinting will add size but not like the uh... what are they called... squats? squats.


"Feeling" your legs doesn't mean they will grow bigger. That was lactic acid. Do some research about yourself. With that logic, then all of the fat people on exercise bikes should be monsters soon.


Lol alright professor X good logic man

I'll just stick with weights...

Now that this thread is dead, db step ups are awesome.


Squatting is awesome, too.


To each his own, I do not get the benefits


look guy - squats are not the only way to build huge quads but I will say this. At my gym there are some track athletes with monster legs. What do they do in the gym you ask. Hint: they are not sprinting.

They move heavy weight (both male and female).


Agreed. The starting place is the squat. I may do more leg press or squat machine now, but that is with quads over 30". Squats built the base.


op - working up to (e.g.) a 2xBW for 10 reps squat will benefit you more than running stairs


When I was in school, I threw shotput, and the coach would have us run hills and stairs to develop explosive power. From that point of view (school based athletics), it certainly helped our strength to some degree. None of us were walking around in need of larger jeans though -lol. There's a reason that bodybuilders train one way, and strength athletes train another way. If you want size, train for size.



And how much can you squat exactly?


How you have determined by the experienced age of twenty that squats do not work for you befuddles me.


grab some dumbbells and walk up and down the stairs like Brock Lesnar..its brutal


try hack squats..?


BB squats hurt my lower back, and I seem to h ave the same problem as some others- My lower vertebrate (tailbone area) is fused weird..I feel pressure in my lower back and I feel like I cant flex my hip flexors hard enough to stay arched and upright.

My friend said to use a belt when I squat, should I try that?


You should try getting someone to critique your form.


So you are weak and your form sucks, but somehow it's the EXERCISE that's the problem? C'mon man, try thinking things through a bit before you make excuses.