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Running/Sprinting Technique


If you look at guys like Gilbert Arenas, LeBron James, or even Michael Vick, you'll see that when they run/sprint, it seems very effortless. When they sprint full speed, it's like they just float above the surface. And when they run/jog, they kind of bounce of the ground. Hard to describe, you have to see it.

My question is, what is it that makes them run/sprint like this? Is it strength, technique, flexibility? And is it achievable through practice?
Because there are guys who are fast, but don't really look as effortless whey they run, e.g. Tracy McGrady (not to take anything away from him).
My technique isn't really great and I'd like to improve it.
I might be posting on the wrong board, but I hope there someone who has some opinions on this.



That is a reasonable question to ask. I would say it is possible to attain and it is not possible to attain. There are still some "old" method coaches out there that feel you can not get faster...you are what you are with speed. IMO, and this is after training 10,000 or so athletes, this philosophy is "bull-honky." Speed can be taught. You can change levels of speed if you are thorough in your training as well as planned out. This includes and most importantly, strength, strength, and more strength.

Once you emphasize the strength aspect of your program, addin technique days as well as agility days, speed levels will change. But, make sure it is the right way...do not go out and run 100's full speed everyday, then the next run 40's and ladders at 100%..train smart.

Without getting long winded, meal plan is imperative as well. Eat right and your machine will run right.

As for the "no" answer...a couple of the guys you mentioned are born with something...something that was brought down by a higher power. Yes, we can achieve a level of it with hardwork, but not be the exact same. Vick, Bush, Sayers, Jordan, Carl Lewis...are just some that have that glide...and dont forget the best at making people look silly...Barry Sanders.

Hope this helps,

ps....too bad Barry couldnt play a SuperBowl in his hometown like Jerome


Have you checked out Charlie Francis's site?

That would be one place to go.

Members have posted video there and had it critiqued at some length. I am not a sprinter, so I cannot give a convincing endorsement of the site; I can only say that as someone outside the sport the level of knowledge and intelligence there regarding sprint training is very impresssive. I suspect that one piece of advice that they might give you is to get a coach.


Check out Parisi and Rooney, among the leaders in going over technique.

They have their own site but for some reason the site isn't working for me right now though.


They have perfect static-spring proficiency :slight_smile:

plus are probably genetic freaks too....