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Running Smolov #1


Finally going to take Smolov on a test drive after many years of training. Doing this with two other training partners of mine. I am starting the routine with a 1RM of 345lb. Let's see where this can carry me. All time high in squat is 375lb.

At the same time, I'll also be running Smolov Jr for bench. Depending on my work schedule, it's most likely going to be an AM/PN session with squat in the morning and bench in the evening. Going to start this at 275lb 1RM with my all time high at 315lb.

AS for diet, I know many advocate eating as much as possible to keep up with recovery and I couldn't agree more. I'll probably be eating around 3k-4k on training days and 2.5k - 3k on off days. Going to start with that...if I need more I will up it.

For my off days, I will most likely do some sort of active recovery. CT's neural charge comes to mind. Some hill walks and definitely foam rolling. Will also use lacrosse ball for my chest/shoulder.

I have always lifted without belt or knee wraps...thinking about using it on smolov...


mate, foam roll and do mobility work EVERY DAY on smolov. you shouldnt need wraps or anything if you dont use them, although i would recomend knee sleeves. what kind of back work are you doing?


Probably not much back work asides from chin-ups during PM session with benching. Will probably rotate betweens days of heavy sets and days with bw only.