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Running Size and Strength Program Again, Adding Clusters?

I bought your size and strength program from your website. I’ve ran it all the way through and really liked it and the results. My question is can I run it through again and maybe add some cluster sets to the main lifts and keep everything else the same just for a mix-up for a few weeks?
Thank you

If you add cluster sets you need to take out some regular sets. You can’t simply add stuff in, especially if the stuff you add in is nerologically hard.

For example on back day

Deadlift cluster
1 rep rest 10 seconds, repeat for a total of 4 to 6 reps.

Straight arm pull down 1x6-8 rest pause

Chest supported row 1x6-8 rest pause

Shrugs 1x 6-8 double rest pause

Depending on your neutotype the rest between cluster reps should be between 5-10 sec (type 3) up to 20-25 sec (type 1A). Type 1B is 15-20, Type 2A and 2B 10-15

I just did a chest and triceps workout and felt awesome.

Bench Press-
250 lbs for a cluster set of 6 reps total, resting 15 seconds between each rep. Only did 1 set. Might add another set next week

185 lbs for 7,3,2 reps doing rest pause. 20 seconds between each mini set

45 lbs for 6,2,2 reps doing rest pause. 20 seconds between each mini set

Triceps Extentions-
115 lbs for 7,3,2 reps doing rest pause. 20 seconds between each mini set

Felt awesome during this workout! I think the cluster bench press got my cns jacked up and felt strong throughout the entire workout!

Your articles and programs have helped me out a lot.
Thank you

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I didn’t word it correctly the first question I had but I was going to take out the main lift of all out reps in the strength and size program I bought from your website. And replace that with cluster sets so instead of doing one all out set I would do one all out cluster set aiming at 4 to 6 reps and keeping everything else in the workout the same.

Just for a mix up. Not sure if it would even make a difference.

I was also thinking about doing your layer workout just focusing on one lift the entire workout. But I just thought that look like a lot of sets for a natural??

I don’t design programs specifically for enhanced lifters. The layer system works well for neurotype 2A who can handle the volume. Others types will have problems with it.

Thank you for the response