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Running Shoes for Road Work


I’m looking for recommendations on running shoes. I’d like to add some road work back into my routine (light jogging 10-30 minutes a few days a week & longer walks a few days a week). I’ll primarily be jogging/walking on pavement. I’ve also had shin splint issues in the past (in case that alters the recommendation).


I’m looking at the Nike Air Zoom Vomero 11 and New Balance Men’s M1980V1 right now. My wife swears by Brooks.



How are your feet?

From Nike’s website;

If they’re busted down flat, over pronated, you want Nike Lunar Glides.

If you roll onto the outside of your feet, over supinating, you want Zooms or Air Pegasus.


I honestly have no idea.


Can’t do it on the Internet.

You need to go to a reputable running store, let them check your gait and get in s shoe that fits your feet properly.

No other way.


@usmccds423 do you know whether you pronate or supinate, and where your foot strike is?
As @JFG mentioned, I’d head to a store or get a coach.


Shin splints are an overuse injury and and have nothing to do with pronating and supinating. If you want cushioned shoes that’s fine but keep them neutral with a low heel to toe offset ratio.


Thanks everyone. I will head to a store that does an assessment. I’m not sure if I pronate or supinate. Foot strike is I guess mid heal or heal. I don’t run on my toes unless I’m sprinting (not sure you can sprint any other way).

Ya, I get that. I was just wondering if people that get them have had success with a certain setup (like cushioned shoes as you mentioned).


Unless your shoes are worn out crap I doubt they are the cause. Shin splints are parts crap shoe, doing too much and bad running form. There are videos on exercises to strengthen your shin muscles which a lot of people say worked for them.

Getting fitted for shoes is a great idea assuming the fitter isn’t trying to put you in motion control shoes based on his personal bias. I have narrow feet so NB fresh foam, Hoke One One, and Alta Zero Drop fit great. For lifting shoes and everyday wear Brooks minimalist fit awesome.


Thanks, I appreciate the input!


Did you ever go for the assessment?

Did you learn anything cool about feet and ankles?

Did you get some fly kicks?

I’ve been doing exercises for my ankles with bands. I feel like my feet are way more “turned on” now.


I ended up grabbing a pair of Brooks for some ungodly amount… They’re pretty sweet, though.


Hey OP! I really like the vomero and also brooks are very good shoes! If you want to read some helpful information go check out: http://thegreatoutdoorsreviews.com/

That site helped me out a lot deciding and I think they even have some info on the shoes you mentioned?

hope it helps!

PS. I am not sure If posting links on this forum is allowed…? Anyhow, let me know either way!