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Running Shoes for a Good Price?

I love to run sprints, because my ankles won’t put up with long distance. I broke each of them more than once in the military. My question is this: I need some new running shoes & I’m kind of a cheapskate. Anyone know where I can find a decent pair for a good price?

I also do the elliptical machine (easier on ankles than treadmill) and/or treadclimber.



Shoes are prettymuch the one thing you shouldn’t compromise on… bad shoes can fuck up more than just your enthusiasm.


It really depends on the shape of your foot. For me the Nike last is best, YMMV.

Speaking of mileage, are you only doing sprints and machine work? Most modern running shoes are made for tarmac pounding and contain a lot of shock absorbtion. You may not need that for sprints.

Ebay i find is the best place.

I don’t know, Renee, I agree with Rone that you don’t want to compromise on shoes if you’re running.

I wish I had advice, but I spend ridiculously on my Asics and replace every 500 miles. I’ve got a lot riding on those shoes…my feet, my knees, my iliotibial band. Meanwhile my running shorts are in tatters and I re-use water bottles until they’re too squished and bent to stand up. Some things are worth spending on, some things are not.

I never use cheap shoes for my running, that is one place you can’t go cheap on, trust me.

One hint I can give you is to go to a foot locker or any well know shoe store and try on some shoes, I like Nike, cuz they fit me the best. Find a shoe or 3 that you find comfortable and fits best on your feet. Then go to websites and any other sports stores online and look for those shoes. Many of these online stores will have a clearance page or sale page and you can find some shoes half the price.

Best of luck.

I’ve ran in the same pair of New Balance since freshman year so I think that you definitely get your money out of them. Also I bought the trail running shoes and they were great for army shit. BTW breaking both your ankles is nuts I know Ive rolled mine a couple times in the new shitty desert boots but never that bad.

I would also look into the barefoot running shoes (I know doesn’t make sense). They esentially have little to no heel cusion and allow you foot to flex as close to naturally as possible. You need to run with a different style though or you will kill your back. the Midfoot strike style is how kenyans run. It increases lower leg strength and mobility and once you adapt to it it is more efficient at absorbing shock.

Basically you turn your legs into shock absorbers and springs, instead of landing on the heel of your foot and letting the energy transfer directly up your leg into your hip girdle and lower spine, you land on the midfoot (balls of your feet) and the leg is slightly bent under you, you are leaning more foward. Then when pushing off, you have a greater stretch rebound in the muscles. Anyways, Try reading up on it, and maybe try practicing it in grass or something barefoot. It really is a neat way to run, and is definately how you should be running sprints anyways.


Great thoughts! Thank you ~ the weather is getting colder here & my ankles just can’t seem to handle it this year. Time for me to see the VA docs again, but I want to try different shoes first. Usually in the past, if my ankles are yelping, it means I’ve gone too long in my running shoes.

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