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Running Questions

I have always been into running and would usually go a distance of 2-5 miles with a back pack or heavy vest on (becoming very tired). I recently got back from some advanced military school and found my self running about 8 miles with a back pack on. I was never once tired either. I cant wait to go further tomorrow.

My question is how safe is it for me to run with a back pack/vest on? and also what type of sneakers would you recommend for safety? (I run on pavement)

Weighted vest is fine.

Get shoes that work for you. There are so many to choose from, find one that fits your foot exactly.

Good luck

Running in general is going to exert significant wear and tear on your joints. As was suggested, getting shoes/orthotics fitted to your foot will minimize this damage. Asics and New Balance are probably the best commercially available running shoes in their higher end models.

The weighted vest/pack is fine as long as it doesn’t significantly alter your running mechanics. Bad mechanics is where you really get hurt. If you can handle it just fine, though, go with it.