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running primo at end of sust cycle?


My source offers prio/sust/dbol. was thinking of running 750/wk sust with a front, 30mg/wk dbol for 4 weeks, then another 2wks with just the sust. can i run primo the last 2 weeks so when i'm clear i'm clear? any ideas on the best way to set that sucker up? Thanks for the input




I pretty much asked the EXACT same question a few months back when I first came to this forum. I was told to drop the Primo all together and add in Tren/Fina instead.

I am currently running that cycle right now. I have run a few cycles over the past couple of years, but let me just say that I am running the best cycle of my life right now and I haven't added in the Insulin and GH yet.

Trust me like I trusted those who gave me the same advice. Add in Tren instead of the Primo. Use the Primo for a cutting cycle. Good luck.


should i just run straight tren at the end of the cycle then?


I'm personally running the Tren straight through, 75mg per day ED.

I've done some "underground" Tren it the past with VERY disappointing results. It totally turned me off from Tren and I swore I would never do it again... until I made my own.

Just be prepared to recover from it. I hear it's a bitch to recover from.