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Running Out While Waiting for Next Shipment

Without going into detail, I’m running out of my current dosage @ 130mg a week. My new stuff won’t arrive for atleast another two weeks, possibly a month. I may have to go up to three weeks without anything.

Should I taper what I have now? Or just continue normal dosage until I’m out and quit cold turkey.

Lesson learned, always have a three month supply on hand.

I have Nolva and an AI on hand if that helps.

I know making sure you have enough supplies onhand – especially with legal regulations – can be a pain. I’d absolutely recommend tapering what you have now to maintain more stable levels until your new medications arrive. Don’t mess with the AI.

I’d split what you have out over whatever period of time you think it’ll take to get your new “prescription” in.

Most people are just super tired and blah feeling when suddenly stopping, it’s not like opiate withdrawal or something where you’re going to be going full crazy.

One time, long long ago, I was an idiot and took “cycle” level doses of T, with absolutely no clue what I was going. After 12 weeks or whatever I stopped and I literally don’t remember anything going that bad, other than my balls being super shriveled. Don’t let it get in your head is my point.

How does this happen? I was picking up at the pharmacy in the US. They gave me 4 vials a month, I only took 185mg a week, which is my dose. I currently have a fat surplus sitting in a box there. Like, 7 vials I think, and it would grow if I bother to get refills while gone. Are there that many people taking all 200mg every week? At 130mg a week, I’d be wondering what to do with all of the extra vials after 6 months.

That’s my deal – I take a hefty dose. I also think there are different regulations state-by-state and if you order through telemedicine.

Let’s just say when my “doctor” “ordered” my “prescription” “he” didn’t think it would take two months to arrive.

I also broke a few vials trying to pop them open towards the end.

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Okay. Just one of those things I wonder about. Normally I’m in Central America, so I just walk to the pharmacy and get what I want, when I want it, but getting stuck Stateside for 6 months gave me a new experience.

When your ‘pharmacy’ is ‘not local’ and there’s a global pandemic you really start to get a sense of what they meant with the old phrase “a slow boat to China”.

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Without going into too much detail, I’ve gotten UGL test to my door in 2 weeks. You won’t be able to do that if ordering outside of your country of origin.

I think having a couple bottles of UGL is a good idea if doing telemedicine. I always found that I was on the brink of running out right when the new supply would arrive. I couldn’t do much about that due to regulations.

Yeeeaaa. I’ll be keeping stocked up from now on.