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Running Out of Energy During Workouts


I just got back into lifting after a couple years out. I started about 2-3 months ago.

about 45 minutes into my workout i am completely out of energy.

Some specifics:

I'm 5' 10' 195lbs about 18%-19%bf

Diet- i work out mon-fri at around noon. I eat very healthy, lots of vegatables, high quality and nutrient rich foods, high protein. On days i work out i eat high carbs(no white flower or sugar at all) from the time i wake up (8ish a.m.) till about 5 p.m. Other than that i eat very low carb. I eat about 4k to 5k cal a day, trying to bulk.

Gym- i mostly stick to the 6-8 rep range with a body part split, i do compound exercises first(squats, deadlift, dips, etc). I do a different number of excercises but usually about 18-20 set. I give training my max effort.

Im very impatience so i have minimal rest periods (1-2 mins) but after about 45 mins i am completely drained. Its like i don't have any muscle endurance. I know guys that do alot more exercises and sets than me and can stay in the gym for 2 hours. I give it my all, and it might just be me, but i never feel like i do enough in the gym.

So my question is, is their anything i can do.
Would some carbs during the workout help?
Do i just need to build endurance?

I've searched the site but couldn't find anything about this.


you eat 4k to 5k a day with barely any carbs?.......


Carbs = quick energy, therefore, eat them around times where you are most energetic (around workouts).

Your training is relatively high intensity (6 reps/set is at the higher end compared to 8+).

Also, you are being intensive (resting little between sets) which increases workload done in that 60 mins or whatever you do (high density creating more fatigue).

Higher the intensity/density, the lower the volume. Work capacity does increase over the years, but don't aim for it, just work within your current limits.

There's nothing wrong with 40 min training sessions, they happen to be my most productive ones. If work capacity drops off dramatically, and you are fuelling yourself enough, simply call it a day.

More work done won't make you grow more, it'll just drain you more and prolong recovery. 18-20 sets/bodypart is on the high end, and 60min+ workouts are too (not the "norm")...so don't fret it, you're not doing too little.


Thanks, that was very helpful


Define drained?


Try some carbohydrates prior mate, I think that would be your best bet. How are you normally with energy levels? I'm quite energetic but if I go balls to the walls in the gym focusing on one muscle group, 35-45 minutes will be productive enough for me. Can you give us a snippet of your routine that leaves you feeling this way?


Gatorade. It keeps me going in the gym. I personally take a 50g scoop. No idea how much sugar is in it but I have a feeling A LOT.


I had a big-time problem with this. I was not giving myself enough rest time in between sets to the point I'd puke the Anaconda and Surge Workout Fuel right back up on back and leg days. I had to stop using them both and now that I have 2 other lifting partners to extend the rest periods I've found it made all the difference in the world.

I haven't puked one time since forming our group and can now go all day in the squat rack. Try slowing down and see if it helps. I know it's hard when you're lifting by yourself.


screw the shake peri workout.

Homemade Protein Brownies(oats,egg,cacao,rice powder,peanut butter) covered of nutella are the shit. take one big fucking piece after your first set, wash it dow with lots of water, look and chat to hot girl to te point you got a boner between set, you gonna have a lot of energy during your workout.


Rest for 10-15mins then see if you can get amped up again and lift fast - after you get smoked. I done it a few times before, works ok.

First seen the idea in a doug hepburn article.


1-2 minutes is minimal rest? Shit. I'm typically 30-90 sec on all my accessory work and as low as 0-45 when I'm training to cut.


It depends how heavy you go. If you truly work at a high intensity (closer to 1RM), you need more rest.

With high intensity training, for smaller exercises I'd say you need at least 1 min, and larger ones up to 3 mins or more.

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Well, like I said, I do the lower rest on accessory work. Max effort lifts I take up to 3 min. I'm still surprised, though, because I've looked over CT's "I, Bodybuilder" and he recommends around 30s rest between everything.

As an example, I've been known to do 8x3 30s rest at about 75% 1RM.

As for my profile, I never really noticed that...lol. It's just about the best damn gif I've ever seen and I felt compelled to share it with my brothers here at TNation.


I used to be anal about timing my sets. I go by feel now, it took a while to get used to it but i find it ALOT better. More focus on the actual lift.

Generally a pretty quick paste with my sub maximal volume work and longer rests with max effort work.


Eh...you're going to have to look at a multitude of things. It could just be your caloric intake, macro (carb) breakdown, not getting enough rest, no longer having the stamina and just needing to build it back up, etc...