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Running on Sore legs


Needed some advice on running on sore legs. I'm 36 - been training for 10+ years. Coming back from a 6 month lay-off due to lower back and hamstring injury. Been back for 2 months now and feeling strong. If I don't run, I can do a decent leg work-out about every 4 days that includes (i) 20 rep hack squats (6 sets), 15 rep leg press (one leg at a time - 4 sets), (3) hamstring curls (8 sets). I can recover within 3 days with this workout. But if I run, my legs can't seem to recover and I'm always sore. I get good rest and eat well - all natural. I don't want to push it and get hurt again - its been an agonizing 6 months waiting for everything to heal up.


That seems like a lot of volume. I get really sore with high volume stuff. Did you get sore before this lay-off? If not, maybe you just need to get used to it again. You're my senior in terms of training and probably knowledge, but I think the answer is to cut down the volume on either your leg work, running, or both.


What's your primary objective?

If it's to increase size/strength, I'd put running on the back burner until you're back in the swing of things with weight training.

However, if you're training more for conditioning purposes, running while sore is fine. Athletes do it all the time. Just realize that this will limit your size and strength gains somewhat.


Is alternate cardio an option on leg days?

I try to swim laps on leg days, of course I am lucky and have access to an indoor pool- check out your local YMCA they might have one.