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Running of the bulls in Strathmore, AB

WOW Strathmore is having the running of the bulls, just like in Pamplona, Spain! I wish I could go but I can’t. Maybe next year. Does anyone else know about this?

Running of the bulls?

Damn, I’d like to see that. Hell, I’d like to participate!!! Unless they’re using Brahma bulls. . . I’m crazy, not stupid.


hey sturat this might be a stupid question but whats the difference between a regular bull and a brahma bull??

bump btw Strathmore is just a bit east of Calgary

About a thousand pounds and 50 IQ points.

Look at the size of the bulls being run in Spain, they’re little bulls, mostly around 500lbs or so, some are even smaller.

Look at the bulls with the big humps that cowboys ride, those are brahma bulls, they’re closer to 1500+ lbs and they’re mean and smart.

If they did bullfights with brahma bulls the bull:matador kill ratio would be a lot closer than it is. . .


I did hear this yesterday on the radio.
Good point Stu, that is a point every potential person should know befor they jump in front of one of those muthers.

Personally I will cheer for the bulls.

Running of the bulls.

Do I feel another Alberta t-cell gathering coming on?

Hey Cass maybe they have some prairie oysters for ya!


hey thanks stu.
that is a realy big difference!