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Running man...OUCH!!!

Well, I don’t have access to the dog pound so I’ll post my adventures with the “Running man” here.

I finished reading the thread in the dog pound and thought I’d give a try today for my running workout. I began with a 3 mile jog that took about 24 minutes, slow by all means. Then I landed on the junior college track, walked a lap and at the finish line, without hesitation, I took off at the same time starting the clock.

1st lap: 73 sec.(not tired but a little tight)
2nd lap: 67 sec. (I felt the first one was too easy so I took off)
3rd lap: 68 sec. (I felt I was never gonna finish)

Wanted to run the fourth one but right before I was gonna take off, it popped in that I still had 3 miles to jog to get home. So, I bailed out. I felt like a HOE running home for not challenging that track for the fourth 400. But, by the time I arrived at the house my legs were about done.

thanks CT, that was great.
da Boxer