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Running Man, EDT, and More


I'm really digging the EDT fat loss keep strength routine. Its fun racing the clock and trying not to kill myself. I'm going to start my 3rd week tomorrow. My only complaint that its a lengthy routine, it usually takes me about 1hour 40 minutes to complete. Mainly because warm up and core movement takes about 30-35 minutes to complete.

I've been reading a lot of articles on fat loss on this forum and quite a bit of them state 45-60minutes of work is were you want to stay for fat loss, anything past that time and some happens with cortisol and yackity yack blah blah. I'm sure charles stanly wrote this protocol for a reason because it works and all that.

Now the exersises that really get me hot and sweaty are the 1st and 2nd PR zones. The 3 PR zone exercises seem a bit more tame always for some reason after the first 2. The core movement isn't to bad. Trust me i do really push myself hard, keep things intense and all that jazz.

Then thing is that I can recover pretty fast after a workout no matter how hard I push myself. After a couple of hours i'm ready for more and I get the urge to do some other type of workout later in the evening because i'm feeling really good. But i don't, i don't want to over do things and cause an injury.

My question is this. Basically there's 4 PR zones in the fat loss, keep strength program. I'm wondering if it would be ok to split the program in half. I do the 2md and 3rd PR zones in the morning and the 1st and 4th PR zones in the evening. Thats about 40 minutes each workout. Could there possibly be some positive/negatives to breaking the routine into 2 routines per day? Just thinking out loud here.

I started doing the running man this week on the off days. I choose to do the 400m sprints. Man that was freaking brutle. Took about 2 days to finish the first lap and 3 days for the second. Takes me a bit longer to recover even though the sessions run short (only 2 lap sprints at the moment.) Actually the sprints are more painfull then the lifting. I'm coming from doing hill sprints (steep hills) as well and thought running on flat ground wouldn't be to bad. Boy was I wrong.