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Running/Lifting Post-Workout

Okay, I’m not a beginner on the subject, but I’m looking for new light as in what possibilities I could use for my post workout shakes.

Here’s my situation:
Running: 8-12 miles
20 - 30 minutes stretching/ab circuit
Lifting: Reps usually 12-16

Okay, here’s the other part, I’m currently about 6’1" 180 and I need to be down around 165-170. Therefore, I don’t want to get any bigger or put on any muscle (I did that over the summer, 10 lbs of it).

Usually I take in 50 grams of 50/50 blend of maltodextrin/dextrose, 25g whey hydrolysate (sometimes an added 15 g whey isolate), 5 g BCAA’s and creatine.

I use this for both my post running and post lifting shakes. After my lifting shake, I eat about an hour later (P+C meal).

Do you guys think I should experiment with anything different? Are the shakes too much because they’re so close to each other (about 45 - 60 min)?

I guess I’m not doing anything “wrong” or different than more people are doing with their post workout shakes?