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Running/Lifting: OK to do both?


I've been lifting for about a year and love it. But I also love to run (slowly, for about 45 minutes). I usually lift one day, run the next, repeat, repeat, rest then start the cycle again. But I've read that lifting and running are opposite kinds of conditioning that mutually work against each other as opposed to complimenting each other. Is this true? Should I just lift?


What are your goals? Unless you are an elite powerlifter or really trying to bulk I don't see the downside if it makes you happy. Sprints or pushing a prowler are better conditioning options if you are trying to gain size.


Thx. Goals are modest: some definition, which i've got; general fitness. I was mainly concerned at the idea that the two might work against each other and cancel the gains/growth of both.


no reason you cant do both. really depends on your goals.


It depends, my own experience is that running for distances greater than 5k can inhibit progress on deadlifts by hamstring fatigue and because running can cause your hammies to be really tight unless you are anal about stretching.

I'll also note this, you don't see a lot of guys who deadlift 600 who spend a lot of time running.


Running can be fine, depending on your over all goals. If you are not looking to get super jacked/extrememly strong you should be ok.


My hams have always been tight...it may simply be because I'm tall (6'3"). I wonder if running helps or hinders. I don't stretch. But I don't need to, for the running -- which is more like plodding, if the elderly women who pass me are any indication. I always stretch before doing deadlifts, though -- a solid 10 minutes of moves I learned from a competing powerlifter. But that stretching isn't ham-specific. I want to be fit but don't have the time to be jacked. Plus I'm 48 -- what are you gonna do?


Do whatever makes you happy.

If you like running, then run!


I love to run and I love to squat. In my experience shorter faster runs with a day off before squat day works best. Once again it's a balance; I can't squat 600lbs or run a sub 18min 5K but I can squat 400 for reps and run a 10K almost at a time that matches my age. I'll take that balance.


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