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Running In Weight Regimen?


For starters i’m 5’11 & 170 lbs at approx. 12% bf. i’m using a 5 day a week split w/ strength on Monday/Tues and volume on Thurs/Fri and Wed is off/abs. i’ve been trying to include running into my training w/ about half an hour a day, and it KILLS my lifting. Does anyone have any tips on including running in a weight regimen? As well, can anyone suggest ways of still keeping muscle aside from eating a lot?

side note: i’m not one of those skinny assholes who wants better abs, i like to hike so i’m running purely for cardiovascular endurance.

If, by running, you mean going hard 5 days a week for 30 mins. that may be to much to also gain any sig. muscle mass.
If you are doing it for hiking type purposes, walk inclined for 20 to 30 minutes 2 or 3 times a week. If you are running so much in an effort to control weight do it through diet or more cardio geared lifting. You have to define your goals first, then develop a program that will help you achieve those goals.

I don’t know if its an option, but rowing is a great cardio option and it is less likely I think to eat up muscle as you do it with resistance. Jumping rope in rounds is good too but maybe you could just do sprints or fartlek running interval style. I think your endurance would be there without too much muscle loss. Perhaps a shorter more intense cardio session would allow for better lifting. Otherwise, I have been told that if you have a split routine do a form of cardio after weights that emphasizes the opposite muscles(run on upper body day, row or swim on lower body day). Not too sure if that is true though. I am the same though. I do a lot of conditioning workouts and it interferes. I think its really hard to balance.

its not for weight, its more just to be “in shape” for hiking on weekends

on first glance that idea about rowing on upper days and running on lower looks interesting-- i’ll hit the search engines and research a little

could just adding GPP to my workouts, like sled dragging and farmer’s walks work instead of running? i know its different, but for the goal of being tough for weekend-warrior work it might fit

Hey dexslave, try giving this a read…


I think you’ll find in that the answers to staying “in shape” without burning up muscle or overtraining.

Hope it at least helps.

thanks for the link =)

Hey Dexslave.
I sympathise with you as I think one has a habit of counteracting the other.
I’m 5’11" as well and 183 lbs (started out at 163 lbs). My biggest improvements in strength and size came when I reduced my weight training to just three exercises a day, but put everything in to them.
Aside from two night’s sports training and a match, I do three other nights.
I always run at the start of the session and find that after five minutes, I’m at full energy again.
Then I do a split a bit like this:
Day 1: Bench, Weighted Chins, Weighted Dips. Day 2: Front Squats, Cleans, Snatches. Day 3: Squats, Rows, Overhead Presses.
The more different exercises I got rid of, the better progress I made.