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Running in Shallow Water for Eccentric Less Work?


Would doing sprints in a shallow pool be of any value regarding eccentric less work? Sprinting 25M forwards and then 25M backwards the other way focusing on planting and exploding in the water as much as possible was kind of what i was thinking.

If not, does anybody have any ideas on how to raise the difficulty in order to increase the training effect to a decent level? Just got back from the west coast and this east coast weather is kicking my ass, hence this possibly idiotic idea.


Vassily Alexeyev (former world record holding olympic lifter) used to walk 1000 steps in the sea after each workout (he trained in his backyard a lot.

It has some merit but will mostly strengthen the rectus femoris and psoas, which is not necessarily something you want. And I'm not sure that the resistance is high enough to have a significant effect on growth.

It probably works for improved recovery, but it is doubtful when it comes to building muscle. Might as well simply go swimming.


Thanks coach, looks like I'll just do the sled work in the cold and suck it up.