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Running HGH, Tingly Nipple


ive been runin hgh " norditropin " for 9 dyas now.

started at 2 IU's and i just had my 3 IU shot last night.

am also taking proviron "25mg" with it ed. obviously am on a proper diet not to mention the otha sups like multi vits , omega , protien , amino , glutamine etc ....

my question is yesterday i started feeling a tingly spicy feeling in my right nipple, it keeps comin and goin away. ive always had a slighlty puffy nipple way before even working out.

i got all paranoid and stuff and started asking pple i know and doin research . everyone tells me start running nolvadex with the proviron your taking. is that right ? and if yes what would be the right dosage?...

thank you in advance


If youre getting gyno you should stop the drugs you are taking.

If you are in fact getting gyno then you dont have GH and/or proviron. My guess would be hCG instead of the GH and/or dbol instead of the proviron.


Slightly off-topic, but is there any sort of mechanism one COULD get gyno of actual GH?


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thnx for the reply guys , but that still doesnt answer my Q . do i run nolvadex ? ive been told that its a common symptom and some pple have told me after they ran nolva they felt normal . but the thing is each one ran nolva on his own dosage , some say 30 mg some say start with 50 and this is where it all gets confusing !!!


i dont completely understand what you meant !


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i took 20 mg of nolva yest. and they dont feel sore anymore , but i do feel a lil heat unda the skin "chest area" but then again i get that same feeling in m tummy afta i shoot hgh at night !. i think this is mentally messing with my head more than anything !!!


On that note, I am getting a weird taste in my mouth that I had with elevated prolactin levels while on tren. On your protocol right now of 10iu on non-consecutive days.


I seem to be getting slightly puffy nipples on my HGH cycle, will nolvadex help this? Is it even oestrogen related? Prolactin? Im not lactating though.


Come on guys anyone?




Dude, BBB answered this as best as anyone can with only an educated guess.


I know but he narrowed it down to stimulation of breast tissue and also lactotrophs. I am just wondering what might desist these symptoms?
But then again you are right, BBB only guessed. I am going to start nolva, 10mg a day and see where that takes me.
I dont want to take any caber or bromo due to the shit it puts me through.

I might take a low-dose adex aswell to keep test levels higher as I am starting to feel very tired and sleepy around midday, something that happened to me when I had low test levels previously.