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Running HCG and Arimidex with Test Enanthate

Hey guys

I was told to run HCG every 3-4 days with my current testosterone cycle of 250mg per week.

Should I do this? How should I dose the HCG around test injection days?

Should I run half a tablet of arimidex on days I inject testosterone?

Question: why are you running 250mg/w instead of something that’s much more useful?


Personal choice. I will tell you that many TRT guys run 500-1000iu per week split up into 2-3x injections per week.

Arimadex is typically used only when exhibiting symptoms of high E2 and even then sparingly. I doubt you need it on such a low dose of Test but again… your call.

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I’m trying to ease my way into this. I’ve done test before with little side effects so just wanted to stick with what I know works.

Thanks blshaw
Can you help me with the conversion? I went with my friends protocol and take .01 ml per day. What does this convert to in IU?

Aside from the inconvenience to daily injections, I noticed a positive chance by way of sex drive and load size haha.
Nuts shrank a bit but haven’t noticed much further of a change

According to doctor tony huge, his personal experience , the optimal hcg dose during cycle was 500 iu 2x per week.
Some guys take 250 iu 2x per week, some go for 1000 iu 2x per week.

The hcg dosage depends on the amount of water you put in the hcg vial. If your vial is 5000 ius. Then you should for convenience sake put in 5 ml. 0.5 ml would be 500 iu. 1 ml would be 1000 iu.

Incomplete data. What is the concentration of the HCG w/in the solution? 1iu = .01ml, but your need to know what the HCG is dosed at first.

Not for nothing but assuming you got your gear from an underground/illegitimate source, then you are likely using under dosed gear. Meaning you could be cycling on 100mg per week rather than 250…just food for thought.

do you think there is any benefit to running hcg short term like EOD for two weeks then two weeks off?

would you still benefit from the restart or would you figure that as damaging

It is 5,000 IU
Meditech from Germany
Mixed with a 2ml sterile water ampule

So 25iu per .01ml. If you want to take 250iu you would measure out .1ml, or 10 ticks on an insulin syringe.

FYI mixing it with sterile water is not best practices. Use bac water instead. It’ll keep pathogens from growing in the water, whereas sterile water will do no such thing.

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Dude next time if it’s 5000 iu just mix it with 5ml. 1ml will be 1000 iu , makes it super simple for yourself.