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Running GHRP-6 Up to My Show

So I have some and am planning on running it up to and possibly through my show.

Since I will be using winnstrol I figured that it could be a nice addition to help with the joints, etc.

I’m planning on running this a minimum of 10 weeks or so. I haven’t found any literature that says there is a set length of time and I feel that this should be enough time to see some results.

I am thinking of starting at 300mcg everyday and then playing with the dosages from there, now here is where I have a few questions.

I saw that others shot part of their dosage pwo and the other part before bed. I feel pretty set on shooting it before bed, but am wondering how the insulin response from a post workout shake and meal will have on gh release. To my understanding i thought that gh secretion is blunted when insulin is released? Since ghrp is a “gh releasing” compound I am curious if the insulin response will blunt the ghrp’s action on the pituitary and hypothalamus? Or will it not matter and a flood of GH and insulin pwo would be awesome :stuck_out_tongue: lol

the increase of hunger won’t bother me, I could actually use the help. lol

I will also be running caber while on, or have it on hand since sota started lactating when he ran it before. :S

My pm’s aren’t working for some odd reason…I tried a few times to send pm’s to some of our vets whom I know have run the compound before.

Any thoughts guys?


Have you used it before? If not I wouldn’t mess with your precontest routine if you don’t know how you will respond. A few thoughts: It can increase ACTH which means it can increase cortisol. Cortisol is probably already high right before a contest, however I read a study where people’s bodies adjusted and rebounded and ACTH production actually went down.

Either of these scenarios could impact your joints positively or negatively. I have not gotten joint help using it and sometimes it aggrivates my arthritis. It also makes you tired and you will probably already be tired precontest.

On the positive, it does seem to help build muscle and burn fat fairly well. As for timing I think post-workout is good if you shoot immediately after the workout and then wait 30 min to spike insulin. You would also obviously not spike insulin before or during the workout for this method to work. I have also read about GH release from GHRP-6 being tied to your cortisol levels with low levels giving the best response.

Hope I gave you some ideas to help.

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FWIW- I have ran GHRP-6 before and liked the results. 0 lactating at a dose of 450mcg/day. I also did not notice any hunger increase when shot in a dose of 350mcg PWO. I used it during a test taper and it helped a lot in terms of maintaining size and strength post cycle. I just bought 12 weeks worth and will run it up until my next cycle starts. The dosing this time will be 3 seperate shots of 100mcg. One in the AM one PWO and one before bed. By doing this I am hoping to get the most out of several spikes in GH spaced throughout the day.

pretzel: thanks man. I had not heard of ghrp and its correlation with cortisol. I have not ran anything and am kind of going against the grain with test only.

altered: thanks dood, but remember all of my compounds will be unknown leading up to a show, i’ll just be taking research and T-Nation members words on things :wink: lol

2thepain: I’m glad you responded man, I wanted to pm you a few times, but seemed to have some technical difficulties. thanks for the response.

Did anybody notice any bloat with it? I know some guys who drop the GH a few weeks out because they retain a lil water when on .vs. off.

I could also save it and run it as part of pct. I have enough for about 6 weeks and was planning on getting some more and running it 10-12 weeks which would encompass my cycle and pct.

This was just one of those things that it happened to fall into my lap. lol I am surrounded by quite a few bodybuilders down here in socal and we trade bodybuilding “supplements” like baseball cards. lol

thanks again for the advice and input guys.


I for one did not experience any bloat while on GHRP-6. One thing that I was happy about was being able to keep my calorie intake up post cycle and not gain any additional fat.

It is a good idea IF you had run it before… i cant see how trying a drug in the lead up to a show can be a sensible idea gerdo… i understand that all the drugs are unknown, but there is a difference between peptides and AAS IMO… AAS are pretty well understood and well known by all… you already know exactly what to expect and why.

This isnt the case with GHRP6… i see it like this… you wouldnt diet for a show for the first time without having run a pre-show diet - to assess how it works out and what happens to your body/physique.
That would leave too much to chance, and the same could be said for using this drug.



well it sounds like i might save it and use it as part of pct.

idk tho we shall see…lol

thanks again everybody I really appreciate it.